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Originally Posted by lmunsie View Post
Would you not give up ONE WEEK vacation and a stressful month of bills, for YEARS of love and joy from your cat or other pet??? I guess the IMO is that, yes, i think most would.

One week away seems a very tiny price to pay for a a life, for years of joy???
am I wrong?

And even still, I can still take my vacation in the summer, go up to a cottage and enjoy the nice Ontario weather that we don't get to enjoy cooped up inside??? I mean it's not black and white........

I would do it all again, I would give her everything I have all over again.....
For me, it IS black and white. Go on vacation or save my cat's life? No brainer there. I wouldn't want a friend who couldn't understand that. There's always time for other vacations. I think you did the right thing
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Thanks everyone
I knew I was doing the right thing, especially because my lap is very warm right now because a very special girl, two days home from the vet, is curled up on it.
I'm lucky this time it was a success story, we fought, and we won, and it was worth every penny and every heartbreaking moment.......
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yes, I agree with Luna's mom.

who knows what your friend might be going through? maybe she's bitter for a reason? Maybe she is having money problems herself...

still, it was hurtful I'm sure.

I would have thought she'd try to help you instead of making you feel stupid for spending your money your way...I don't understand that.

I have a friend who is single, has three kids, works full time and takes in every stray anything that comes her way. She's always broke, always worried about money, but she will charge vet care for her animals, and make payments on it. Even if she is just nursing the animal to health to find it a permanent home.

I don't think she's being stupid with her money, I admire her generosity with it. She's a very giving person, and it sounds like you are too.

Even if your friend doesn't agree with your choice, she should be reminded that friends support each other, even if they don't always agree.

Maybe you can tell her how hurt you were by her reaction. Who knows? Maybe she was pms-ing.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
It's your money to spend how you want. The fact that she called you down and called you names is disturbing to me. No matter what the reason. Friends don't treat friends like that.

IMHO if it were me I'd wipe her from my address book and be done with her. No one needs friends like that in their lives. Friends are supposed to love and support one another, not be mean and spiteful and hurtful.
I don't think that person is a true friend. If she were, she would be happy that you spent so much time and energy to make a gift for her. Only rude and selfish people complain about gifts they receive. Bless you for spending the money on your true friend, Kismet.
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