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Prescription Food for Bladder "crystals"?

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Thank you to those who replied regarding my last post about my female cat spraying.

I took her to the vet to have a UTI test done on her. She was negative for a UTI but she did have "crystals" in her bladder which I assume are just calcium deposits? Anyway, the vet said since she was eating dry food she was not getting enough water which caused these crystals. He told me to get her some of the Prescription c/d food for her. I bought a few cans of the food but the ingredients seems really horrible for the price. Does anyone know whether the prescription c/d food actually eliminates and cures these crystals or does it just prevent them? I got conflicting answers from both the vet and online. I just want her to stop spraying and obviously get healthy again. Thanks so much for reading this!
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They do help (one of my cats used to have them, and now is on a low mag food for different bladder issues- we should start a thread here- "Has you cat never had a bladder issue? I wanna know who these lucky people are, lol ) and if you google "Prescription cat foods", there are several other brands, and my vet sells 2 or 3 different brands. It is worth a look! Good luck !

Here's a website with the names of a few other prescription brands:

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If the vet prescribed c/d as a food your kitty has struvite crystals, which are composed of magnesium, ammonium and phosphate. The c/d is generally used as a maintenance diet to prevent crystals from forming after they have been dissolved. My vet uses Hills s/d to dissolve the crystals and then switches the diet to the c/d. Here's a link with good information about crystals and diet.

I agree with you about the ingredients in c/d. Two of my cats have a history of struvite crystals but I refuse to feed them c/d. Both are on high quality grain free wet food with the addition of a small amount of L-Methionine (about 200mg) once a day. The L-Methionine capsules are available at most health food stores. There is also a product called Methigel, which is a gel containing Methionine. Some on TCS have had luck with it. Here's a link to information about it.
Some vets carry this product. In any case, be sure to check with your vet before adding any urinary acidifier to your cat's diet.

Good luck to you and your kitty. I hope you can find an appropriate diet for her.
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my cat is on c/d, but he refuses to eat the can c/d, the vet even tried to give him g/d and he wouldn't touch that also, but he will eat the c/d dry
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I think the prescription foods can work for some cats and not for others. I know, that wasn't a very good answer to your question, but I have a crystal prone cat and I chose a raw diet to keep the crystals away. I have issues with feeding the prescription diets 'cuz the ingredients are crap, IMO. I did a lot of reading and asked many people tons of questions before switching my cat to a raw diet, but for him, I think it's the best.

Also, 500mg twice a day of Vit C will also gently acidify the urine.
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