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Squee is getting spayed tomorrow

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My baby Squee is getting spayed tomorrow! It's going to be weird having my baby kitten away from home. Can I have some vibes? I know everything will be alright but I'm worried Squee will be distressed while she's there. I also don't know how I'm going to stop Squee from jumping to high places... it's impossible!
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my guy cat just got fixed today. when he got home he was so woozy. tried to stand but couldnt very well. Well currently he is locked on my bathroom. He has jumped up on the counter once but since then he has been asleep in the blankets I have in there for him. He gets to come out tomorrow morning according to the vets recommendation. Just put her in a confined space and she will be fine.
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Lots of vibes headed her way for a safe surgery and easy recovery! Keep her confined to a cage or small bathroom for a few days if you're worried she may jump and rip her stitches out.

If you have any questions, feel free to pm me! I'm a vet tech- so i'm very used to all the spay/neuter questions! Good luck tomorrow! She should be just fine!
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Aww, sending lots of vibes for everything to go smoothly!
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We took Squee to the vet's office at 8:00. On the way there she only yowlled a couple times. When we got home, Scratch ran up to me and was looking around as if she was saying, "You left with Squee but you didn't come back with her! Where is she?!" She was looking around the house for a while so I tried to feed her. She didn't really eat and has been sleeping since we came back. I think she really misses Squee.
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Lots of for Squee!
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for Squee!!!
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Squee has been home for about seven hours now. When we were on our way home she was shaking in her carrier. Butch and Scratch were going nuts sniffing the carrier barely after I got through the door! I put the cats together in a bedroom with a litter box, food, and water. Scratch will come and go every now and then... I'm glad she's not trying to lick Squee's incision. Squee hasn't licked it all that much but we have a cone just in case. She's been acting normally since she's been home although she's been purring non stop and is being very cuddly. I'm so glad she's home; Scratch seems happier now.
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Glad to hear she is home safe and sound, and that her spay went well.
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Awww! I'm glad she's home and everything went smooth! I hope she heals nice and quickly!
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Glad to hear it all went well. Sending her some fast healing vibes.
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