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Should we be concerned?

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Hi everyone. I am new to this site and me and my roomate each got a cat a few weeks ago. My kitty, Mumble, is about 6 months old, and my roomates, Tanner, who is about 10 weeks. When I first got Mumble he had alot of crusties in his one eye but then it went away so i didn't bother with it. Then a few days later he started sneezing and the other eye started getting the crusties. At the same time Tanner got really watery eyes and had a lot of green boggers coming out as well. So we took them both to the vet assuming they both upper respitory infections. They both did so they gave us eye drops and medicine to stop the seenzing. Mumble is feeling much better, he doesn't sneeze hardly at all anymore but our main concern is Tanner. His eyes have gotten alot better (we finally got rid of all the crusties that were stuck to his face). But now his sneezing is worse and his nose is runny. Is that bad? Also, he just today started sleeping all the time except for when he gets up to eat (normally he is a very playful kitty). Should we be concerned?
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Yes you should especially since he just went through a round of meds. Hes still a little baby too, so you have to be careful when they are little like that. I would take him back to the vet and have the vet check him again. He may want to give him something a little stronger.
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I agree. If your kitty's symptoms aren't clearing up well w/ antibiotics or are reoccurring, your vet should run some tests to find out what's going on. I have two cats who had reoccurring coughing/choking attacks, and they were "diagnosed" w/ the dry form of FIP. I'm not saying that that's what's wrong w/ your furbaby, but it's possible. Or, your kitty could have allergies to something. Either way, it should be checked out...

I hope it's nothing serious!


P.S. Geronimo (one of my FIP furbabies) also had the runny nose & eyes...
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just echo-ing good advice. another trip to the vet is warranted.
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It's always good to be safe and visit the vet again but also remember that not all upper respiratory infections are caused by bacteria that respond to antibiotics or treatment. Some are viral and viruses don't respond to antibiotics. There are a few different viruses in cats that cause cause upper respiratory symptoms and they can last anywhere from 7 to 21 days before clearing up.
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