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Getting Apprehensive

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I'm thirty-five weeks pregnant today, and I feel as though I keep having to pinch myself. We've gone into premature labor once already, and received a shot to stop the labor. Every week is a new goal for me, from thirty weeks to thirty one weeks and so on and so forth. I'll be full term next week, and if I go into labor, I'll be having a baby!

The thing is that we have no answers as to *why* the contractions keep coming the way that they do. I've had a very homeopathic pregnancy, and if I felt that it was an option (i.e. that the law wouldn't complain about it), I'd be having this baby at home, delivered by DH. I view pregnancy and childbirth as a completely natural occurrence, and it wouldn't be the first baby that he's delivered!

At any rate, I'm starting to have the really weird dreams again. Early on, I kept dreaming that we were expecting twins. I started out with *really* high hormone levels and bled heavily at ten weeks, but retained the pregnancy. Nobody is sure if we didn't lose an entire twin or whether or not it was simply a subchorionic (sp?) bleed.

Anyway, I've had a lot of "twin" dreams, though not usually the type that indicates twins. I've only had one ultrasound throughout the pregnancy (my choice) and it did *not* confirm twins. Only one heartbeat has been found, but that's all that's been sought.

What if I have twins without us being prepared?!? What are we going to do! Seriously though... It's just getting to be the "countdown" time!
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congrats. Always fun to hear someone is going to have a baby. My wife and I are expecting our third in April.

Our first child was born at home by my mother-in-law who is a midwife. Our second tried to be born at home with mom-in-law but after 72 hours of labor I took my wife to the hospital and she delivered there. Wife decision to go. Now for this third one we are going to have a water birth here at home with the mom-in-law as midwife again.

My wife and I wish you well and a safe delivery.

PS My wife found out a friend of hers is having twins and she started to have twin dreams.

forgot to add with our first one, my wife had a dream that she gave birth to a litter of puppies. and this current one she has had a dream of giving birth to guinea pigs
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Awwww, you seem so excited! Of course I'm sure its natural to be apprehensive about everything now. You want this to be a perfect healthy baby and carried to full term if possible.

Your normal to be a little worried, I think all moms to be are

My neice was a twin, and my sister miscarried her sibling It was a miracle that my sister did not let the doctor do that DNS thing (or whatever its called) to clear out her uterus or my neice would have been wiped out of there Its amazing how things turn out just like they are supposed to.

On another note, you are having a baby soon You must be antsy as heck!
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My second was supposed to be a twin (note: If it seems like I'm online a lot for having kids, I am -- they are staying with Grandma until the baby comes due to the fact that I've already had a premature labor, and I'm supposed to be taking it as easy as possible. The first lives with his father). Unfortunately we lost her twin at some point during the pregnancy, and didn't even find out until she was born.

I've had dreams of giving birth to a litter of kittens. And once I gave birth to several large bricks in a dream! One of the twin dreams involved DH giving birth to one of the babies -- it had to be delivered by c-section and they took the baby from his eye socket! I feel so absurd!

At this point, to some extent we're just going to have to "wait and see." We're *extremely* excited about the upcoming birth, and I'm really thinking that we're going to go on the 22nd. Not sure where I get that from, but that's the date I "feel." One of my best friends independently told me that she thought it would be November 22nd as well. I'll be about 37.5 weeks at that point, so all should be well!
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you just might as the 23 is the full moon. Babies seem to be born around the full moon as it has effects on gravity
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I've heard that, though it's never worked for me I've been overdue twice already... Herm... I'd really rather go to 37-39 weeks than to go to 42 this time around, though 32 would put me right on Christmas!
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Originally Posted by ghosthunterbeck View Post
Only one heartbeat has been found, but that's all that's been sought.
A former co-worker had several ultra sounds all finding only 1 heartbeat, what a shock they got when she ended up delivering twins
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
A former co-worker had several ultra sounds all finding only 1 heartbeat, what a shock they got when she ended up delivering twins
I just have a *feeling* that's going to be us! The same thing happened with our older daughter -- except that we didn't deliver a living baby, but an empty sac and the placenta.
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Just wanted to say Good Luck with your pregnancy!

Update us all on how you are coming along!
You'll have to tell us all about your new additions someday!
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Won't be too much longer now, actually! I keep having dreams that I'm going into labor, so we're going to have to see what happens. I'd like to at least get to 36 weeks, but I seriously don't want to go overdue at the Holidays

Fingers crossed we'll have a digital camera, too, so I can show off pictures of baby/babies AND pets!
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just dress the pets as babies or the baby as a pet. either way works and you have less picture taking work.

When our second girl was born or I should say just before she was born, my mother-in-law had a little fun at our expense. She found the heartbeat of the baby and then let us listen via a doppler. Well then she found a second beat that was a different speed from the first. she told us we were having twins. Well a little while later she told us it was the umbilical cord that she detected beating for the second beat. Boy that was a lot of fun. Stressing out a woman in labor and a dad on edge.
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lol conbrio!

I am seriously having a feeling that it's going to be in the next couple of days. The baby has "dropped" and I'm feeling a lot of pelvic pressure and lower back pain that often precedes labor. It's early yet, but I just have the feeling it's not going to be much longer. We'll have to see what happens!

I'll keep y'all posted!
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Oh how exciting! I hope and pray everything goes nice and smooth for you!
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