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Pictures of my babies.

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People were asking for update pics on the new cockatiel, yes? Well, here they are. =) By the way, I found out something about her, today; she sings! Not as flamboyantly as my male tiel does, but she whistles this little tune that sounds a lot like something Amante screams everyday.

Enjoying the sunset.

Helping me.

Threatening the kitten. =D I have to watch that kitten REALLY carefully. The adult cats of this house don't like the birds, so they run when a bird lands near them, but the kitten....He wants to "play" with them. >_>'

Speaking of the kitten, him and his older "sister" Sassy engaged in a very cute bathing exercise.

The kitten is the grey and white tabby, and Sassy is the brown tabby.

Here's some pics of the other two birds. =)

Amante, my lutino, split to cinnamon, male.

Ky, my normal grey girl, swinging.

Together. =)

And a video of Amante singing!

Sorry, it's not very long. My camera isn't really suited for videos. =)

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Wow, all of your animals look so healthly and happy. Thanks for sharing
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All your pets are very pretty : They look like one big happy family!
Thanks for sharing all their photos, look forward to seeing more photos
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Wow, what beautiful birds! I love the first picture, absulotely gorgeous!

Cockatiels have been my favorite "breed" of bird for sometime! They're so friendly and playful, not the mention pretty! I've thought about getting one or two, but with 5 cats and 2 dogs in the house, I'm not too sure how well that'd go over.

And pretty cats! I love the kitten's markings.
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Well, I have seven cats, but...yeah, I don't know about the dogs; when my sister lived with us, she had a Min Pin, and that pup almost ate Amante once. =< All she wanted to do was play with him, but she was so...hyper that she could have hurt him badly, very easily.
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Oh that silver girl is so pretty!!!! The video was really cute!
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Thank you! =D
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what lovely birds ... I love looking at birds
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aww! lovely
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