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How Much Do You Spend On Your Perfume?

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And what is it???

I am thinking of going into business selling a range of Perfumes, Skin care and Aromatherapy. I was interested in what perfumes you would buy and how much you would spend? If you don't mind me asking! This is an Australian Company that has their perfumes made in France to the ingredients of well known perfumes! Therefore they are a great price!
There oils are pure and very high quality!

Any information would be great to help me make up my mind that I am doing the right thing! Thanks Guys.
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I wear Bvlgari (sometimes) - I don't know how much it is, I've never bought it for myself

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I wear either Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir (mid-price range, about UKP35.00 a bottle - eau de parfum), or Burberry's Touch for Women, which is a little more, at about UKP 42.00 (I think).

I'm really fussy about smells, and will pay quite an amount to get the smell I want. Luckily the current faves aren't too pricey.

Skincare, I use Estee Lauder and spend far too much as I have a creme and potion/lotion for every occasion. Don't really do aromatherapy except when I go to a beautician.

Leslie - that sounds like a great idea. How would you run the business; online? But I have to say - an Aus company that reproduces the smells of famous perfume brands - is that not piracy (shock, horror, sharp intake of breath )? But I'm sure I'm just getting the wrong end of the stick (as usual).
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I have one bottle of perfume that I paid close to $75.00/canadian for. It's called NOA (I bought it at Sears) I just LOVE it and get tons of compliments on it when I wear it.

On the other hand, since I sell Avon, I also have a gazzillion different perfumes that I haven't spent more than $10.00 on...some of which are not even worth that. all time favorite is Morning Glory body spray from Calgon. And it only cost me $3.00. It's refreshing. I love the smell and you can use it during the day just to give you a 'feel good' feeling.

Skin care....I use Anew products from Avon also and I love them. The prices range from $15-$45 dollars for a
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Hai Leslie,
Very nice for you.
My favourite is Beautiful from Estee Lauder but I think E.L. is still testing on animals isn't it?
From the others I use I don't know;
Eau de Joy by Jean Patou and
Sung by Alfred Sung. Actually all are not so cheap but we allways buy them from the airport as we travel a lot.
As much as I like it for you that you go into a business adventure I also should like to make a remark. I do not know how it is in Australia but here in Holland we can also buy the "fake" perfumes from the big brands, but to be honest never mind how much cheaper they are, so is the smell. It's JUST not the same. And it's only bought by the people who do not spend a lot of money for their perfumes anyway. The users of the real brands (the spenders) don't buy it.I only warn you for this because I care about you and should not like you to end up dissapointed. And then, perhaps in Australia they are better then what we buy here. So I hope I'm wrong in mentioning this to you. But still wanted to be honest,as I think that you are investigating the market.
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The perfumes you are referring to - are they Le Reve? Or something like that? My mother always buys me those. I think one of her friends sells it. I like their products. The last time I got something was this soap, it smelled really nice, not at all flowery (im not a fan of flowery smells)
Most of the time I wear White Musk perfume, I love white musk. When I was a teen, I bought myself a bottle of it, and my mother stole it, she loved that smell also. :tounge2:
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Yes it is Le Reve! This is one site for the products Le Reve

They are very good quality and use exactly the same ingredients but don't have the Branding costs or marketing costs! So whilst the are not fake in the true term they are almost immposible to tell apart! Any way have a peep if you are interested in the site! It's quiet a good product from what I can tell but as I am always a bit wary I just wanted to get your veiw points being the women of the world so to speak!
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Ghys - I had to laugh. Calgon, in the UK is stuff you put in your washing machine to stop the innards from getting covered in limescale!!!!

I love brand name anomalies . . .
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If people know it and they say it's good then I wish
you lots of good luck with it. Become an important
sales lady.
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I have used Giorgio, since 1985. It's about $30-35 a bottle. I cannot stand cheap perfume. The cheaper the perfume, the more of it a person seems to drench herself in.

If you can smell someone's perfume, from a long distance, its a sure bet, that she's wearing "Eau de KMart" or "Woolworth's No. 5".
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I usually get perfume as a gift rather buying it myself, but I like...

Obsession (Calven Klein?)
Beautiful (Estee Lauder)
Rapture (Victoria's Secret)

These are in the $30-$40 (USD) range, I think.

But for less expensive choices I love Healing Gardens body sprays -- especially the Lavender, Ginger, and Green Tea scents. They are less than $10.
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I loved to wear Fendi but I don't think they make it anymore. The last bottle I purchased was about $25.00 US. It didn't smell the same though, probley because it sat on the shelf for a while. I also love Realm for women. I've spent as much as $80.00 a bottle. Vera Wang has come out with a new perfume. I like it and I'm thinking about getting a bottle. I'll have to see how much it is.
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1st Favorite: Dolce Vita by Dior about $70.00 a bottle
2nd Favorite: Miracle by Lancรƒยดme about $80.00 a bottle
3rd Favorite: Happy by Clinique about $50.00 a bottle

They are too expensive alone!!!

I use Clinique facial products (love 'em!)
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I am allergic to most perfumes so I don't actually wear any, but I think that is a good idea! Good luck!
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Eeeks! I don't ever wear perfume! The only perfume I own is a tiny bottle of Vanilla Fields, that was given to me 4 years ago, and it's still half full! Skin care products? I don't use much in the way of those, although I love St. Ives vanilla body wash and body lotion?
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I also get really bad allergies to perfumes, soaps, etc.

What I used in the past include:

Vanilla - The Body Shop
Sung - Alfred Sung
Pleasures - Estee Lauder

For skin care I've been using Aveeno and Cetephil products. They are the only one's that don't irritate my skin.
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I can't wear many perfumes, because they can trigger my migraines. But I love natural scents, and have been stocking up on Demeter fragrances. I have Grapefruit Tea, Dulce de Lece and Gin and Tonic. The bottles run about $15 US. I also like Limelight, Happy Daisy and Cucumber Melon from the Body Shop. The spray bottles are about $10 US.
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I too LOVE Calgon's Morning smells so fresh! My newest fave in perfumes is Tommy Girl. I got a huge bottle of it for Christmas from my boyfriend...I think it costs about $60+ (USD). I am also a big fan of Nautica for Women and Cool Waters for Women. I usually only buy perfume when it's on sale (especially the day after Christmas when all the gift sets are half off!) I really don't know the exact prices.
Bundy, I wish you the best of luck in the new business! Keep us posted on the outcome!
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I love Liz Claiborne. I also wear a pear body spray from Victoria's Secret, and I like a lot of Bath and Body Shop's products. I used to wear Sunny Sky from Avon, but they don't make it anymore. I haven't found a moderately priced replacement yet. I also like Sunflowers.

I can't stand cheap perfume, either. Before Christmas, my fiance's sister was staying with us for a few weeks. One day she put so much perfume on before she left for work I thought I would gag! I had to spray deodorizing spray and light some incense to counteract the smell. I didn't even ask what it was, cause I didn't want to make her feel bad.
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I also like Limelight, Happy Daisy and Cucumber Melon from the Body Shop.
Oops, that should have been Bath and Body Works . I also have a great perfume oil, Blackberry Sage, that I got from a local herbal shop. It's been my favorite scent these past few weeks.
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I used to sell Le Reve. Gave it up because selling stuff just isn't my thing. Also tried selling Tupperware and Nutri-Metics and eventually realised it just wasn't me...LOL
Great products and very good prices considering they are proper parfums and not watered down stuff.
I would definitely become one of your customers because I'm not connected to any particular dealer at the moment and will need a top up of my Poison soon
Poison is my all-time favourite but I'm real perfume freak so I love lots of other ones too. That was the one good thing about selling it...I had so many to choose from each was heaven!
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For not wearing perfumes much, I have quite an assortment.

I have 2 all time favorites, Poison and Red Jeans by Versace. Red Jeans isn't too expensive considering who it's by, about $40 (USD).

I also have small bottles of Rubies, White Diamonds, Emeralds, and Sapphires by Liz Taylor which I got as a Christmas gift package; two bottles of Emeraude (the only "cheap" perfume I can wear without my body absorbing it within seconds or that doesn't just smell like rubbing alcohol on me); and Crabtree & Evelyn's Patchuli (big bottle).
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Originally posted by valanhb
Evelyn's Patchuli (big bottle).
Oh My Goodness... This is My Most UN-Favorite smell :tounge2:

LOL - sorry... just the name makes me ill!!!

(there I go blabbing my big ol' mouth!)
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Lezza, anyone who's been around hippies has the same reaction. I associate it with the Goth scene, not as an attempt to cover up BO by the hippies who refuse to shower.
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I've never bought any perfume for myself. I always get them as presents from hubby. My favorite are Curve for women, Cool Water for women and Tommy Girl!

Shell-it looks like we have the same taste! :laughing:
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I used to wear Tabu, it is so warm and spicy, makes me think of Morocco or something - my aunt wore it when I was growing up, I learned to love it then. But my hubby is one of those sneezy people, so I don't use any perfume anymore.

I do love scented bath products, though, and prefer anything that is scented like food (except for super-sweet fruity ones like watermelon). I like Aveda's clove shampoo (again with the spices) and Body Shop's ginger-lemongrass and lime-coconut body washes.
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