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Jezabel had to go to the vet as an emergency.

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It's been quite the afternoon/evening! I went into the cat room earlier in the afternoon to check on little Jezabel and see how she was doing when i noticed she had chewed out 1/2 her stitches from her amputation site The leg was only amputated a few days ago- so it was definitely not time for them to come out yet! Jezabel thought other wise

So after a few phone calls i loaded her up in the car and rushed her in to see the vet. Fortunately she only had to put a line of glue down the amputation site and that should be enough since there's no drainage/etc and it looks good for the most part. She also gave me a tinsy tiny E-collar for her to wear (i have about 5 e-collars mostly for dogs/adult kitties- but i didn't have one that little- so now i do!) Poor Jezzy is NOT happy about having to wear her "stylish" new e-collar or having her leg gone- my poor sweet baby! The stitches should come out in a few days though -so it shouldn't be too much longer hopefully if she can just behave

What a scare though! I wasn't expecting to walk in and find her amputation site with most of the stitches gone It's been quite the day!
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Good thing she's okay! =) My heart started pounding real hard when I saw who's gone to the ER. o_o

Silly kid. But, knowing me, I'd have done the same. =P If I ever had to get stiches, I'd mess with them; they'd drive me crazy!
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OMG Nikki! The little scamp!

I'm glad she is okay now!
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OMG That's crazy!

So glad to hear that she (and you) will be OK!
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Oh boy! I'm glad that everything worked out okay! That had to have been pretty traumatic for poor Jezzie
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Thanks guys! I'm soo glad she's ok too! She gave me quite the scare for a little while there! She's such a little love though- i just adore her! The vet was really sweet about everything too and took good care of her She said she should be just fine so long as she doesn't mess with the stitches again! She had 10 stitches in the amputation area. A few stitches are gone now and the another is 1/2 way out -the vet put the line of glue there and that should keep it safe for now. (she didn't pull the other one all the way out because it would pull the tissue out as well-so it's ok to leave it in (she explained it much better than i did!). She's got her collar on (much to her dismay) and is doing ok now so i'm happy!

I'm going to see if my mom will lend me her camera the next time i see her so i can snap some pictures of her! She's adorable!
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Poor baby! I hope she feels better soon!
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OMG...poor baby...Bella never touched her stitches from her amputation site...not once
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glad she is ok..

i had kitty that pulled hers out. had to get one of the cone things for her.
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Poor little baby with everything she has already gone through. Sending stay away from incision vibes

Laura was like that with her spay incision she pulled her stitches out the day of, then her staples. Some kitty cats just think they are tougher than they are
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Aww! It must have been itchy! Poor baby
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Thanks you guys! I just checked on her a few minutes ago- she is snuggled asleep in her cage with her little stuffed teddy bear (SOOOOOOOOO cute!) She looks kinda cute as a little cone head kitty When I let her out of her cage a little while earlier to clean her cage out again for the night and check her incision site- she ran straight for Kojak and they just laid in the floor and snuggled the entire time i cleaned her cage! It is sooo sweet how much my furbabies adore her! I just think it's darling! I really wish i could keep her!

I've fostered several dogs now that have had amputations/leg surgery- so i'm a bit more experienced with dog amputations than i am with kitties- this is my first foster baby kitten who's had an amputation- so i'm having to make a few adjustments here and there. For starters -kitties are WAY more flexible than dogs and can get out of those e-collars MUCH easier- so i've made sure now her's is on there good!

Anyone remember my last amputee foster baby I miss him soooooo much- but he got an AMAZING home!!!! His family brings him up to see me all the time now and he's just sooo happy! Best yet- all of the people in his family (a mom and her two daughters) are volunteers now- and one of the girls, Jessica has been up there every weekend helping me! I can't rave enough about what a wonderful family they are and how blessed i feel that my sweet little Norris went to their home! I pray every day that the same happens for little Jezabel when the time is right- that she find an amazing home just like Norris did! Hehe i wish Norris' family would adopt her I'm working on that one!!!
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Uhhh poor thing! She is sick at her stomach- yet again! She's had diarreah the past two days. I think it's a combination of the dewormer we have her a few days ago and the stress from the amputation/sedatives. When i took her to the vet today- she tested the stool sample and said she was clear- parasite free- so it was likely from the stress/dewormer. I just gave her some imodium a little while ago so i'm hoping it kicks in soon. I have her some sub q fluids a few minutes ago too so she won't get dehydrated. The poor kitten just has one problem after another She she got sick at her stomach- she got poo all over her stitches/amputation site so i had to really carefully clean it My poor foster baby! Could i please ask for a few vibes for little Jezabel once again!!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Aww! It must have been itchy! Poor baby

Poor girl just can't get a break!! Usually the ones who have had such a hard time turn out to be the biggest love bugs. I can't wait to see the
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Aw, poor little girl... I hope things settle down for her soon. And how could we forget Norris? I'm so happy to hear he's in good hands!

And gosh, why couldn't you keep her? One more tiny little kittycat in a household full of critters... Colin wouldn't even notice!
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I'm soo upset- i just woke up a little while ago and my poor little girl has had diarreah ALL in her cage again. I woke up 3 times last night to check on my little girly and each time i had to clean her off and completly clean her cage and change bed linens. I gave her a small dose of imodium last night hoping that would help (with the vet's ok) and it looks like it didn't at all. She's negative for giardia, coccidia, worms, and the vet said her stool sample was all clear so i dunno what's going on. I know there's about 10 other things it could be possibly GI related- she may have some chronic stuff going on- but when she was at the shelter before her surgery- she didn't have diarreah at all -so my only guesses would be maybe it's from the stress of the surgery or the new environment here? I just dunno. I have her on Nutro dry kitten....i may switch her to Iams hairball formula (it's really good for kitties with runny bm's for some reason.) I'm about to put some canned pumpkin in her food and see if that helps at all.

I'm about to call my boss and see if there's anything else i could try for her. Everytime Jezabel gets sick- she gets poo all over her incision site and i have to try and really gently clean off the amputation area- and i know it hurts her no matter how gentle i am

Could little Jezabel get a few more vibes please? She's not having a very good week. I am very concerned about dehydration at this point with the amount of fluids she's lost- so i'm monitoring her very closely
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Sending lots of vibes her way

She's lucky to have you watching over her
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Sending lots of vibes her way

She's lucky to have you watching over her
Thanks Linda I appreciate that! Sometimes it gets a little frusterating fostering when it seems like your foster babies aren't doing good reguardless of how hard you try to make them feel better.

Not too long after i posted earlier in the day she got soo sick in her cage again that the baby wipes would just not cut it. She got junk all in her incision site from the amputation so i just covered the stitches in Vasoline and bathed her. (you're not supposed to bathe an animal with stitches- but if you know what you're doing and you put a thick layer over the incision site -it's ok. ) I was able to get her really clean so i think she's feeling better now that she's had her bath. She is slowly getting her appetite back- she LOVED the canned pumpkin mixed with her food and i added a little metamuical to it so that helped with the diarreah.

One of the really sad things about this is that she's having SUCH a hard time maintaining her balance with the missing leg and the e-collar on- she's falling over everywhere- so i have padded her entire cage as best i can to cushion her fall. Earlier today while i was cleaning her cage- she tipped over into the outside of the cage and hit her stitches She started bleeding a tad from the incision site- but she is ok now (it was a very very tiny amount- but enough for me to call the vet! the vet said she should be fine since it stopped and to have our shelter vet check her over tomorrow just to make sure though.)

I've been keeping fluids down her all day and she seems to be doing a lot better now! Her stomach has settled down a great deal-but she's still not 100%. Earlier in the day i called my boss and talked with her at length- i'm bringing Jezabel to work with me tomorrow - tomorrow is our surgery day at the shelter so the vet will be there and can look at her. I really appreciate the vibes everyone's been sending our way- she is my first foster kitten i've had that's had a back leg amputation and i have to say - it is SOOOOOO much harder on cats when they have to have a back limb amputated than it is on dogs. Cat's have to learn how to climb and jump in and out of the litter pan and that coupled with the e-collar and the loss of the extra leg to balance is much harder on them. I remember with my foster baby Norris- he was up and hopping around everywhere in no time- little Jezabel is really struggling- also part of it is due to her age- she is just a little thing- only a few months old- so her coordination isn't what an adults would be and her balance has now been thrown off so she's really having a hard time adjusting. Hopefully though things will get better soon! I am watching her like a hawk! She's such a sweet little girl

I'll update tomorrow after i get off work and let everyone know what the vet says! I'm hoping for really good news on her bm issues.
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