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Poet Needed to Write a Nice Adoption Poem for My Two Rescues-LONG POST

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Hey everybody, I hope enough people read this in the next day or so in this thread to get a really good rescue poem to take to the shelter where I am taking my 2 rescued kittens on Thursday evening.
I am looking for someone to help me write a nice poem or story to post on the cage at the rescue center so that people will know the story of Bella and her baby Mirra.
A person I know adopted Bella about a year ago. She is a beautiful loving cat who likes to talk and likes to be picked up and loved. He was giving her lots of attention, she lived inside and was well cared for. Her litter box was outside and she had a couple of accidents while she was inside and was not able to get to her box. The man was upset that she had accidents and put her outside on the porch to live.
Bella was not spayed and ended up getting out of the screen and getting pregnant. She gave birth to 6 beautiful babies about 4 months ago. She is a great Mama kitty and very loving and protective of her babies.
I was able to talk the man into letting me take 2 babies to the rescue shelter. Then he let me take 3 more about 2 weeks later. Those kittens have either been adopted or being spoiled at the center.
Finally, yesterday, the man agreed to let me come and get Bella and her last baby (who I named Mirra just yesterday)! I am so happy that he let me get them off of his tiny proch where there is old furniture and a litter box that was not scooped in months!
The baby Mirra is so loving and a bit timid but not feral at all. Bella is a petit mama kitty and a lover. I am keeping them here at my house until Thursday evening until I take them to the rescue group. I am giving them lots of loving and food and toys, trying to spoil them as best I can.
The two are best friends, Momma and baby, the baby still nurses and they give each other baths and play together.
What I am asking is that someone put thier poetic genius to work and come up with a verse to put on the cage at the adoption center that would get a perspective adoptee to take Bella and her baby, Mirra to be adopted together. This would mean so much for them to go as a pair since they have been together so long and survived as one.
Sorry this was so long, I want to be sure to get the message accross for Mirra and Bella to be adopted together.
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If there is another forum that we could put this in to get a bigger response it would be really helpful. I am taking Mirra and Bella on Thursday evening to the center.
Thanks to everyone for reading such a long post and helping if you can.
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im not good at poems and such but good luck anyways...
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I wrote this just now,
What do you think?

Bella and my Baby

Hi my name is Bella and this is my baby named Mirra.
I am a loving and gentle momma kitty.
The man who kept me and Mirra on his porch decided
that he did not want us in the house anymore and kept us on the
lanai with yucky furniture, un-scooped litter, and no attention.
Me and Mirra were rescued just a couple of days ago.
We are very happy to be in a better place now looking for a forever home.
Mirra and I are mother and daughter and best of friends.
We give baths to each other and play together, and
Mirra still nurses on occasion when we bond!
I may be a year old but I have a lot of love to give!
Me and my baby would make a great pair because we love eachother
and I would give her and my new parents
lots of love in our new home.

-Love, Bella
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Ginger- check your PM's
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we're so glad to meet you,
we just knew you'd be here!
would you like to pet us
and see we have no fear?

we've had tough times together
my little one and me
but with your love and patience
we'll bloom and grow -you'll see!

please keep us together
we're close as close can be,
won't you take us home with you?
so a family we could be?

what do you think of this one?
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I Love it! I will take that one with me to the shelter too! I hope they get adopted together, these poems will hopefully help
Thank you so much from Mirra and Bella!
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I'm so glad you like it.
I was glad to do it for you.
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