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Some GREAT pictures!

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I was hunting through some websites looking at Jungle Hybrids! I found a couple of really great pictures to share with you!

And what a monster he is! He is 22 1/2 pounds!

Another picture of Monster, he is taller than a 2 litre bottle of coke! Huge Boy!

Here is Kiera an F1 Chausie
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I can only see the last pic. I guess geocities doesn't allow linking?

Anyway, cute cat
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Hope it works now!
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Yes, I can see them now, what a Monster
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Although they are pretty, people should not be allowed to breed them and keep them as pets. There's too many problems with these guys getting abused and killed for no reason.
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Monster is a F3 Bengal! He is just sooo big that nobody believes that he is a Bengal!

Here's a link to his page!
Monster the Bengal Stud
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Great pics!
My Leo was that big. His vet said he had a Maine Coon in his ancestry. I wish I could find another kitten that I knew would get to be that big! I had no idea when I found him he would get that big.
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All of my males are HUGE!

Peppurr weighs 15 pounds and he is 35 inches long!

Rascal is 10 pounds and is 37 inches long!

Vader is 33 inches long and weighs 11 pounds!

Felix is only 28 inches long, he is bob-tailed, and weighs 9 pounds!

Hercules is 30 inches long and weighs 6 1/2 pounds, he's only 6 1/2 months old!

The average domestic cat is 30 inches long and 7-10 pounds!
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My boy Max was last weighed 3 or 4 moths ago and was 16 pounds then now he's even bigger and taller now. Here is Maximus the F1 Chausie
Id say after 2 years of age he will be around 22 pounds. He just turned one year in Feb.

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He is beautiful! I love the name Maximus! He is going to be a very big boy. Someday I hope to be owned by a Chausie or Savannah, lucky you !

How old is he in that picture?
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I took this pic about 3 or 4 days ago. He is one incredible cat. You would be amased at what he does and can do..

I know a great Chausie breeder if you want.. Same one where I got Maximus

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I saw a link to Cossette's Kitty Exotics on your website, is that where you got Maximus? I can't get over how beautiful he is! What is the cost of a male Chausie as a pet?
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I did get Max from Sandi at Cossette's Exotics. She's a wonderful breeder and her prices are very good too. She also has papers that she includes with the kitty and a list of things like shots and the such that come with them to.
Max was around $750 including airfare and boy that was the best $750 I have ever spent.
He was the offspring of Rommel and Rommel's kids seem to have wonderful temperament and wonderful genes. Always healthy and so very loving that you could not believe it.
When I come home from anywhere he's like a dog greeting you at the door, and after some petting I call up to my chest and he jumps up claws in and lands on my shoulder and gives me the biggest kitty hug you would ever see. He does this to his mommy to. He's a chewer and we have to have some pig's ears around for him to snack on as he loves pig's ears. He is dangerous around some toys and will try and go though you to get to his hidden toys and can inflict some harm on you if your not careful. He's very playful and never aggressive unless there is meat around. If when you come home from the store he's on the counter stealing your pork chops and tri-tip and running to his hiding place and you have to run though the house to catch him. Yes he has carried 4 pounds of tri-tip in his mouth and will still out run you. He is the most incredible cat I have ever seen let alone have had the privilege to own or be owned. He's simply the best thing in our lives well him and Agro the Bengal. But if you do get a F1 Chausie like Max, you cannot ever let him outside as he will take off. Not for the lack of his love for the person who has him, but it's in his wild nature to take off and hunt. He did get out once and it took a neighborhood of people and friends to get him back, now our house is escape proof. I will get him a harness and take him for walks soon.You also have to be careful as he is the strongest fastest highest jumping cat you will ever see.

If you have anymore questions about Maximus or Sandi let me know..


My boys :-)

When maxy was a bit younger
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I love those pictures! Does the cattery ship outside of the US? I live in Canada and there aren't many Hybrid cat breeders here. It would probably cost alot to ship here !
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You might be better off going down and picking a cat from her up yourself. Last thing you want is a poor kitty stuck in customs. She lives in Moorhead, MN so I don't know how far it is from you, but Id call and find out..

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