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Need HELP tonight Nov.6

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Someone abandon(sp?) 2 kittens at my work today, They went to see the vet and he estimates 2 weeks old,I am going to pick them up later.Iam confused what to do,what do I need?I am aware they need to be fed ever 2ish hours other than that i am not sure.I will post pics of them when i go pic them up.
post #2 of 15 should answer a bunch of basic questions.

Do you have bottles & KMR(milk replacer)?
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KMR, and keep them warm at all times.
I went through the same 10 weeks ago, and this website , as well as the one white cat lover said just gave me all info and support I needed.
God bless you for taking care of them, good luck, and come back whenever you need !
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Yes i do have KMR,I am planning a hot water bottle is that good enough?
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I'd say so, but you may have to refill from time to time depending on the temp you have in the room. I am in Florida, so this wasn't an issue, just a blanket and they were about 90 F ! Also, I fed mine about every 3 or 4 hours in the first 2 weeks only ( their second to fourth week of life). After that I noticed they wouldn't be that hungry so often and I went on their schedule, which gave me a much needed rest. You'll need it too !
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Here is pics of them with their new mom who has taken the role of keeping them warm and my job to feed.[IMG][/IMG]
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The cat in the pic is my Misty she is doing a great job with them.
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Awwwwww... they are so CUTE !
So is Misty, what a great mom she is being !
You are lucky to have them !!!
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Oh my be sure and keep them warm. Follow the directions on the website mentioned above and make a couple of rice heaters. Be sure to switch out the bedding often, make sure they are in a large box- container with tall sides, cover the top with a towel or blanket, leaving enough space for them to breathe. But keep them out of drafts. Inside a closet or cupboard is a good place. Good luck with these sweet babies. Your cat is a doll to pitch in and help.
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They have a hot water bottle with them and a blanket over top.The mostly black one is a girl and the mostly white is a boy.
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Oh what a beautiful pair you have there! Yuo, just like what everyone says, be sure to keep them warm and let them eat however much their tummy can take! At two weeks old, my Lucy Belle is hyperactive and I have to keep an eye on her at all times. Also, keeping her warm is essential. I prefer heated rice sock to keep my Lucy Belle warm since she is a single kitty and needs to cuddle lots!

Also, don't forget to help them eliminate. They pee a lot! Keep us all updated.
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How was the first night ?
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They didnt make it last night Thing were going great until about 1030.Then we rushed them to an emergency vet(who was gonna keep them a few days)Since the were extremely under weight.They passed away at 1215am.
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Oh!~ I am so sorry to hear that. You have already given them all you have and did a great job. Don't feel too bad, without you taking them in, they wouldn't have been able to experience your unconditional love, however fleeting that was. RIP little ones!
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I am so sorry to hear that...
When I had my orphans, they were 4, and two of them didn't make it either... they were too sick from something we had no idea.
Well, they are all now in kitty heaven, playing like crazy...
You did a great job by taking them and making their short life as good as could be. God bless
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