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Kojak is asleep in the bed with Colin

Velvet is sleeping on the back of the sofa

Jasmine is in the kitchen meowing at her sparkly pom balls threatening to "drown" them in the dog's water bowl and hissing at them She's my "special" girl

Isabella is asleep in her kitty bed in the at room

Jezabel (foster kitten) is in her cage on her blanket.
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Delilah is dozing on my desk, Piper is scratching the sisal on the cat tree, Blue is asleep on the cat bed we have on top of the bookcase, and the kittens are running around playing (just woke up).
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Someone is eating, someone is in the potty, and the rest are spread from the kitchen doorway all the way into the living room dead asleep. I now have a multi-colored furry rug. Yay! LOL
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
5th November is Bonfire Night over here (although it's more like bonfire month ) I feel like I'm living in a war zone at the moment but thankfully my cats aren't too bothered by the fireworks.


I don't know what my boys are doing right now as I'm at work, but I'd make an educated guess that Jaffa is sleeping on the bed and Mosi is sleeping somewhere else (possibly on some cardboard boxes in the bathroom - his current favourite sleeping place).
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Beauty's hiding behind the television again - asleep this time. I think it's her favourite spot now. One of them at least!
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Magnum, Bumper and Boomer are asleep in a furpile on a blanket on the sofa
Scully is sitting beside me purring and Autumn is attacking a toy about 6 feet away from me
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Myrtle is perched up on the back of the couch. Tika and DeeDee are looking out the window on their cat tree.

Alex was sleeping on my bed last time I checked. And Smidgen is walking around the kitchen floor.
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Calamity and Sundance are sleeping on the couch and Skye is in my lap snuggling. P.K. is sleeping in my bed.
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Sliver is laying in one of their big kitty boxes filled with puffy jackets.
Snowball is laying on their carpeted kitty boxes.
Sage is laying on the 3rd story of their cat house all sprawled out.
Sushie is sleeping on the couch waiting for someone to cuddle with.
Spici is laying next to the bath tub on a bed we made for her.
Spooky & her babies Shilo & Sadee are all laying together in their kitty cabinet.
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