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Where are your cats right now?

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Where are your cats at this point in time?

Mine's hiding behind the television (probably because of the fireworks)
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Originally Posted by rescuecatsrule View Post
Where are your cats at this point in time?

Mine's hiding behind the television (probably because of the fireworks)

The brats are asleep on my desk, Tiger is on the condo..... asleep and Tonka is staring at Rocket
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Reagan is wandering and darting around the upstairs, back and forth between the office and me and the bedroom and (I believe), Whisper, Whisper is (I think) hiding under our bed and Molly appears to be under the love seat again.
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Jacks between my legs asleep, Sophies washing herself on the sofa, and Rosie's beside her spark out
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Trout is in my room napping on my bed
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post

The brats are asleep on my desk, Tiger is on the condo..... asleep and Tonka is staring at Rocket
She probably still thinks fireworks are going to go off.
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They're napping on their blankets next to Daddy while he's playing his Playstation.
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Gracie's in my room with me trying to get me to pay attention to her instead of the computerand Casey's on our enclosed front porch.
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Milo is sitting on the floor behind me and Zebra is sitting on the desk staring at me.
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Probably getting into things they shouldn't be I'm not home yet, so it's anyones guess!
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Spaz is on her heated bed in the kitchen, Trouble is on the back of the couch in the window, and the other four are madly playing tag, running upstairs and down, sounding like a herd of elephants.
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My orange male tabby is in my bathroom locked away till tomorrow. He just got fixed and very wobbly on his feet and out of sorts. The female long hair calico is hiding somewhere. Where I do not know as she seems to be a superb hider. I have looked every where I can think of but just cant seem to find her. She does come out every once in a while and seems to say 'haha, you can not find me'.

Still no names but I have and idea. just need to run it by quality control. My 3 year old daughter
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Rocket, Twig and Neffie are right next to me as it is dinner time and we are having turkey sausage.

The other two girls? Last I saw, Luna was on the dinning room table being the center piece, and Isis...Oh she just popped round the corner to meow at me.
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Ophelia is under my feet. I know this now as I just kicked her.

PJ, Punk, & "Uncle" Dorky are asleep on the daybed.

Twitch is sleeping in the hats & gloves I just washed.

Lily is under the covers on mom & dads bed.

Damita is on the heating pad I plugged in for her.
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Bella is on my lap licking my hand while I try to type. Stan is chasing the ball in the turbo scratcher. We just got done playing with Da Bird...
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Quill is sleeping in the pile of papers on my floor.
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My two are both wiped out after running around this morning, Tigger is fast asleep on his new favourite couch and Georgi is asleep on my bed.
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Roxy is attacking a small piece of paper that's on the floor.
Woody Jr. is sitting next to me on the bed cleaning himself and randomly attacking the computer mouse.
Captain Squishy is jumping on and off of furniture.
Leo is sitting at the door wanting to go outside.
Lieutenant Bear is sitting on a shelf cleaning herself.
Taco is chasing a fly.
Garfield is attacking John's shoes.
Sofia is attacking invisible things under the dresser.
Spike, Tabitha and Spooky Bear are outside of the bedroom probably getting into things.
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Mine are all positioning themselves around me as they think it is past their dinner time (7PM sharp but the time changed last weekend so I'm torturing them). It's 6:20 according to the clock and 7:20 according to their stomachs. Scarlett is sitting in my lap tapping her foot impatiently at me. Koko is laying behind me. I just turned my head and saw 6 in the dining room. I assume the rest are in the kitchen. The dogs are on either side - they get fed right after the cats are done eating.

All I need to do right now is stand up and walk to the kitchen and I will see 10 of them come running. Bob and Lucky will come inside right about dinner time.
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Jack is curled up on the bed sound asleep.
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Maverick is in the kitchen eating..

Winchester is sitting in the window, looking outside..

Geronimo is sleeping on the recliner..

Spencer is sleeping on a chair that I just bought for myself.. (there's no such thing when you are owned by cats..)

And Gabriel is under the bed, as usual.....poor baby..

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Abby is sleeping on the back of the couch. Chynna is on the shelf of my computer desk by my knees... actually she is now on my computer desk rubbing her head against the brush. Can't get a bigger hint than that, hehe
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Well, now I know where my kitties are (at least I know where Monte and Katina are - since the others are in NC).

Monte just took a bite out of my pastrami in my Jersey Mike's sub and is now looking at me like "What, Mommy?"

Katina is trying to take a drink of water while Monte is distracted. And there he goes, after her.
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Charlie's helping me eat a vanilla ice cream cone. Don't know where Ling is
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Loki is sleeping in his bed and Possum is sleeping on the cat-mat on the chair. We're all in the living room.

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Mine is walking across my keyboard...
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Chuckie is curled up on the couch hibernating, like the polar bear he is
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My two are on my bed next to me, wrassling. *giggles*

EDIT~~And there they go, chasing each other down the hall....
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Oreo is sacked out on the floor by me... she just had some cat treats.
Snickers, Jazz and Tosh are hanging out in the entry way. They are waiting for me to move to the stairs to go upstairs to go to bed. They all make a mad dash to see who can get to bed first.
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Stumpy is on her back on the floor getting her belly rubbed by DH, Smudge is playing in her cardboard box and leaping out of it to pounce on her feathery toy and Lily is watching everything from the cat tree.
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