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i never thought i'd be so educated on cat pee!

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I just found this place, and already, I'm worlds more knowledgeable about my girls! I've read thru many of the back entries on cat pee. However, I'm not even sure if my baby girl peed....
In addition to a very old lady cat, I took in a kitten at the start of September. She has had her baby shots. Two weeks ago, she went into heat. Bli was the runt of her litter, and although was about five months old when I got her, she was very small for her age. Other than being little, she's had no health problems. Her and the old lady, Sadie, get along decently, sometimes Bli gets a bit to hyper and Sadie lets her know who is in charge. I'm lucky that Bli isn't to annoying in her moments of heat...the crazy yeeeeoooolllllooooowwww I remember from Sadie is more tiny and muffled, like the rest of her.
I keep both of the litter boxes scooped daily, they are not right next to each other, and I use tidy cat clumping litter, but the one with the small grain, not the large grain, as Sadie made it clear to me a long time ago that is what she likes, and only that.
Bli's moments of heat have come and gone over the past two weeks. We have a vet appointment for spaying Nov 28th (the first time the vet had available). I've just tried to stay amused by her demands for some hot kitty love and Sadie making it very clear to her she's not into girl on girl.
Usually, the cats will either both sleep in my bed (one on each side). Although Sadie sometimes spends all night in her chair. Bli almost always curls up next to me or on me. This morning about 5.30, I woke to her rubbing her little head on my shoulder...so much so it woke me up. On rare occassion either and sometimes both girls have woken me up just to demand petting. But this was different..as I was half groggy with sleep and aware it was just the cat repeatedly nudging me, I also became aware my hand felt wet and I started to relize Bli was squatting on my hand.....So on comes the lights to get ready to change the sheets and such. But once fully awake (and out of bed) I relize that there is only a very very very small amount of fluid, most of it on my night shirt, and there is no distinct urine smell. The entire time, Bli is underfoot wanting attention. Anyway, what I'm wondering is, did she actually pee on me, which I assume is her way of telling me something is wrong with her, or was my little horn ball up to something else?!!?!

Anyone who can help me figure out my girl's behavior would be greatly appreciated. However, if she pees anywhere else she isn't supposed to, we're going to the vet as I worry about her kidneys.
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I can't tell you if it was pee or otherwise, but I just had to clean my soda off my monitor. Funny stuff.

I don't remember Priscilla having any significant discharge (but she's a big black persian so I probably wouldn't have noticed) I do vaguely remember my mom's cat would have a little. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...
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"looks like a duck......"

yeah, that's kinda what i'm thinking. =)

great, i have a perverted kitten who will molest people in their sleep.
let this be a lesson: Never let your creepy ex boyfriend give you a kitten. It's a good thing she's so freaking cute.
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I have two female cats that are both unspayed (but inside only so no adding to the kitten population) and when they are in heat they will sometimes get a little too "excited" and will have that clear discharge. It never has a smell it is just kinda gross when the cat does it on you! so I wouldn't be worried if it doesn't have a smell, but you might want to close your bedroom door at night until she is done with her heat
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Last night both my girls seemed fine, although Bli continued her attempts to convince Sadie to experiment...Sadie continued to let Bli know that her "that one time in college" days are long behind her. No big deal.
Then this morning, after I got out of bed to get ready for work, I came back into my bed room to find Bli in the middle of my unmade bed, right were I sleep, sniffing. As I came closer to the bed, I saw the large puddle of urine. So I guess my girl isn't as much of a pervert as I thought, she's just trying to tell me something is wrong. I wouldn't be so upset if my car wasn't in the shop ($500.00+ to fix) and my home owners insurance wasn't due ($900.00). Good grief, when it rains, it pours!
Anyone know what the usual cost of the diagnostics and medications for a UTI average?
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Depending on the age of the kitten, it is really quite unusual for small kittens to have UTI. I would suspect, if it is the kitten peeing on the bed, she needs more litter pans than you are supplying. For the young ones, I use those disposable foil pans you can buy at the grocery store. You get about 5 for under $2.00. Use plain, unscented clay litter and set these around you house so the kitten can find it easily. Kittens aren't used to holding their urine so they can hunt down the proper spot to pee. They just let loose wherever they happen to be.

Now, if it is your older cat, it could be stress related. Cats peeing on soft objects do so to find comfort. Their smell on top of your smell will calm them down when stressed. if she is the one who is peeing, she would need to see a vet because the target organ for stress is the kidneys.
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i took bli to the vet at the end of last week...a different (and more expensive) vet than were she will be getting spayed.
they found nothing wrong with her (for $275). i began locking her (and consquently my older cat, too) out of my bedroom last week after the second peeing incident. she has been using her litter boxes and has not done her business anywhere else that is inappropriate.
so the only thing i can figure out is the peeing is some sort of behavioral issue. either the being in heat is upsetting her, or maybe it was daylight savings confusing her or maybe it's just because i rearranged the living room furniture last week. (which i did for her, so that she could leap between all the furniture in the room..there was a bit to big for her to jump gap between the sofa and one of the chairs.)
i miss my girls sleeping in the bed with me. i'm thinking of opening the door again, but i'm worried the baby will start pee'ing in my bed again. i know she's trying to tell me something, but unfortunately all i'm getting is frustrated. =(
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