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Another HHP Class Question

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Are there standards in the HHP class? I'm beginning to think that Reagan would really enjoy being showed, but I have hesitated to even think on it because she is missing half of one of her ears. She's great with strangers, loves to play, and is very, *very* affectionate and loving.
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These are the standards for HHPs

HHPs may be shorthair unless they are longhair or semi-longhair.

HHPs may be solid color cats, unless they are bicolor, calico, tortoiseshell, tabby, or pointed or a combination of any of the above.

HHPs should have all their parts (except neutered males); unless they are missing a leg, an eye, an ear, or a tail.

HHPs get points for being nice or being naughty.

Now the real standards...........

1. Spayed or Neutered if over 8 months of age.

2. In proper condition for their size - not too fat or too thin.

3. Groomed well - clean ears, eyes, nails clipped, fur combed and free of any mats or tangles (if longhair). CFA bans any declawed cats. ACFA and TICA accept them but don't promote it.

4. Nice personality will help a lot; tho some judges like that occasional feisty cat. They do understand that most of the HHPs may never have been outside their own house or may never have been around 100 other cats and take that into allowance.
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what about "pet quality" pedigree cats? Do they get docked for being "almost" a breed? Or do they have an unfair advantage that judges are aware of (and give awards to the "underdogs")?
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Will the missing ear affect her chances of placing? She's got a *great* personality for showing, as far as I can tell without having tried her yet She loves *everybody* and is very affectionate and now that we've changed her food, she has a beautiful coat -- thick and shiny, bright eyes, her ears are clean, etc, etc. She loves being groomed and therefore obviously tolerates it quite well
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Usually the "unusual" gets more attention, so missing an ear or part of one would make the judge remember the cat. Its the cute things they look for. I know a 3-legged cat that won a lot. And you didn't notice it till the cat was taken out of the cage

Pet purebreds do well in ACFA and TICA. CFA they tend not to do as well cause a lot of the judges favor the mixed breed over the pet purebred.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Usually the "unusual" gets more attention, so missing an ear or part of one would make the judge remember the cat. Its the cute things they look for. I know a 3-legged cat that won a lot. And you didn't notice it till the cat was taken out of the cage
Good to know! I'll let DH look at this post if he continues to disagree with me. I had told him earlier that the show fees aren't so high that it isn't worth it to give her a shot one way or the other, and just give us a chance to see what our next step should be (pet quality Ragdoll, show quality Ragoll, or just skip the entire process altogether...)

Reagan does have some unusual behaviors, but I'm not sure that they would be well received during a show -- she really likes to get on a woman's chest and "knit"
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If you break it down per ring (say its a 5 ring show and the entry fee is $45 then it would be $9 per ring) - so its not so much.

Unlike the entry fee for dogs where you only get a ONE time shot at a final; with cats, if you don't get in the 1st ring, there's plenty more chances.

If you go, maybe pick a show were you can attend one day 4-5 rings and not tie up the entire weekend.
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$45 is *not* a big deal at *all* and I've seen shows that are less than that. It's going to take me a bit to make the decision whether or not to try her, and I do want to get Molly settled and the baby settled before I take the next step towards this, but there's no reason not to start going to the shows and getting an idea of what I want to make happen here.

I'm just glad that the cost isn't prohibitive. If it was much more than that I couldn't see doing it just to try her, but $45 for a trial is worth it to me!
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Originally Posted by EggyToast View Post
what about "pet quality" pedigree cats?
That depends on where you live, over here PQ peds are not allowed to be shown. I imagine it's the same in the UK as they also go by GCCF rules, many of which seem to be the same as here.
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In a CFA show I attended in Hong Kong last April, all the HHP were either PQ peds or unpapered purebreds... needless to say the one and ONLY domestic (a tuxedo at that) was Best in all rings
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I've considered taking Riley to a show. He loves car rides and doesn't panic when I take him to petsmart or the vet. I think he's beautiful although I'm not sure what anyone else would think, since he has no unusual colors or anything.

I just wouldn't know where to start and I can't afford one of those fancy show tents. Can you take just a regular metal cage instead?
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Cages are supplied. You don't need a show shelter. Make basic show curtains if you wish but really all you need are some cloths to cover the cage. You may want to wipe down the cage before you put your cat in 1st though.
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The club will provide metal cages (just put on the entry blank you will need a cage). Unless you will be showing a lot, makes no sense to buy the fancy popup cages now that a lot are using.

We got a good deal on one from the internet (only $89 plus shipping); normal cost is about $100 more Its great for us - I like it better then the curved top ones as this is flat and you can put pictures, etc. on top.

It doesn't fold down as much as the others, but will work for us.

For the show, you'll need curtains (or large towels) for 3 sides, top of the cage and bottom of the cage (plus get an extra one in case of an accident in the cage) - so 6 large towels in coordinating colors would work.

I use the little black clips you use on paper to clip them to the cage. A nice cat bed and a smaller litter pan are about all you need.

And food/water bowls too.

If you want a detailed list of what all to bring for your cat pm me
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Ok, its great to know they will supply the cage. I could probably buy some pretty fabric to clip to it once I figure out what would look good with his black fur and yellow/orange eyes.

The next show in Richmond (that I know of) isn't until the CFA in April of next year so I have plenty of time to plan if I decide to take him. Hopefully by then he will tolerate grooming a little better since its important for the show
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Hmm. the April date is no longer listed on the CFA show schedule, so I'm not sure if there will be one until next fall
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If show cages are provided, what do you use to transport your pets to the shows? Just a regular cat carrier, and then take the clothes with you to clip to the cage?
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Yep, cats are taken to the show in a carrier (has to be) and you can pack a small duffle bag with all the "show stuff".

Alley, you live in VA right - I'll get you a list of the closer shows. And you HAVE to get Riley to tolerate grooming cause you want every tangle/mat out of him before a bath and after the bath.

Personally I think black cats look good on almost any color (other then black of course) - my fav would be red, royal blue, or orange (if his eye color is close to orange). Or you can get a little wild and put him on black/white cow pattern or spots

Will pm you the CFA shows list (there also is an ACFA show too in the area).
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I think we're going to go with royal blue for Reagan, and she's a black and white.

Thank you for the information!
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Blue or Red would work well with a black/white cat. Ling is black/white and I had her on bright shiny red
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