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Rusty 11/17/1993 - 11/5/2007

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Rusty was the very first Himalayan kitten that Charlie and I ever purchased. We brought him home when he was 16 weeks old, and he was already spoiled by his breeder, ......we just expounded upon it.

Never in my life have I ever seen a more gentle tomcat, even when he was still an intact male, he'd allow kittens to romp all over him, chew on his ears....whatever, it didn't matter to him.

Mind you, if one of us corrected him, or medicated/bathed/etc. him......if we didn't shut the bedroom door, he would go in and pee on the side of the bed that the person responsible for the humiliation slept on!

Over the past few years, especially the past few months, my fuzzy old buddy had been slowing down, as his vet put it, nothing really wrong, aside from old age. But as of yesterday morning, my sweet, sweet love let me know that he'd had enough and he was ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge to be with our other RB babies, so he is now resting next to his daughter, Rurnt in the edge of the forest.

I thought that the pain was bad when we lost Gizzy, and then Rurnt not two weeks later, but to lose this one that I've had so long.....guys, i'ts tearing me apart right now. So say a prayer for hub and me, that we can eventually get out from under this dark, gloomy cloud and stop looking for this sweet boy every time we turn around, ok?

RIP, Rusty, my sweet, fuzzy buddy.....meowmy will always love you, just remember that, ok?

Oh, and if you want to see something terrible, imagine a almost 40 year old woman lying in her living room floor with the body of a dead cat in her arms, weeping like a banshee......trust me, its not pretty!
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It has been tough for you recently hasn't it?

All three, Gizmo, Rurnt, & Rusty are now together over the Rainbow Bridge.

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Oh good grief Cindy, this just isn't fair!

I'm so sorry chick, and i'm sure Gizmo and Rurnt were waiting at the other side of the bridge to take Rusty home

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Thanks guys......in all honesty, right now if it weren't for some seriously strong antidepressants, I'd probably just lie down and die.....and they don't kill the pain, just make it to where i can go on with my work and life.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace, Rusty
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I am so sorry for your loss...there is just something wonderful about those Himalayan babies RIP Rusty
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I'm so sorry for your loss. It's easy to tell how dearly you loved him.

(I understand the weeping thing. I had to tell the vet tech she'd have to take my two-hours-dead cat's body away if they wanted me to go because I couldn't leave him.)

It's a hard thing but how wonderful for Rusty to have been so loved.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, Cindy.

RIP Rusty.
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Oh I am really so sorry. What a sad time. I will certainly keep you and your hubby in my thoughts and prayers.

May your precious baby Rest In Peace
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Aww I'm so sorry to hear about Rusty. It is so hard and especially when we've lived with our pets for so long. They are just a huge part of our lives and of who we are. I too cried hysterically over a dead body. Only it was in the vets office. You're not alone and I understand completely about that! And you've had your share as of late. YOu deserve to lose it over your cat.

RIP sweet Rusty. Play happily over the bridge.
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Awww Noooo!!!!!! Cindy, I'm so sorry, so so sorry! I just can't believe all that you have been through!! I can only imagine all of the strange feelings and different thoughts that are racing in and out of your mind!! When "G" left,
I thought ok here comes the breakdown, I literally wanted out of my own skin, and to look at the woods behind my house, thicket, would have been impossible to even try to find her in all of that! I would look out there and just SCREAM, SHRIEK! I wanted to pull my hair out ! So whatever and however you do, is normal Talking about things always helps me figure, reason, bargain with myself! So you know where I am, day or night!
Don't hesitate please! RIP Rusty!!!! I'll be praying for you Cindy, and your hubby! I'm so glad you have him there for you!
Take Care Please!
Love Ya!
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I'm sorry you lost your sweet buddy. It is so hard to lose them. All my prayers and sympathies.
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It ain't pretty, but the tears help.

We're here to listen, Cindy. :grouphug:
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I am so sorry about your baby. I know the pain you speak of. I am that woman...38 years old yelling at my husband that I want to leave Lyndsey's body down stairs on his bed and yelling that I want my cat back. Now I just wimper awake every day. I've never shared that with any one for fear of being crazy but take comfort in the fact that there are others who share your pain. I'm so sorry. May he rest peacefully at the bridge till you get there. And may you take each minute at a time until the pain eases a bit.
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I am crying right now, and thinking of you. That last bit in your first post......

Losing 3 in such a short space of time must be awful, I cannot imagine the pain I feel for the loss of Ziggy trippled. I am hurting for you.

RIP sweet Rusty, play happily over Rainbow Bridge
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Thanks guys, I'm in tears again reading these. I've been offline all week since I posted this......finally got my home phone turned back on and come to find out there's something wrong with the box outside, so will be another few days!

As for my furry love, I still miss him, as do the other himmys, especially his "mate" of almost 14 years, Babycakes....sigh
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I've just discovered this thread, Cindy (I avoid CTB, as I find it too painful). I'm so sorry you lost your baby. RIP, Rusty!
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We are so so so very sorry, it's never easy. However, I couldn't imagine having a better life than the one with you and your family. Edge of the forest indeed and he will watch over you and the younger ones.
Peace & Light
Elizabeth and Eric, Sammy, Saba, and Sandy
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Rusty.
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Im sorry about your baby! I cant tell you if the crying histerically will stop b/c I havn't stopped yet! Our babies our on Rainbow Bridge and are happy right now, that still doesn't make it easier to be without them though.... My heart aches as Im sure yours does

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He sounds like he was a very good friend to you. Rest in peace Rusty. You will be missed.
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I'm so sorry, Cindy. I can't believe all of this is happening so quickly to you It must be so difficult to understand. You just have to believe that everything happens for a reason.
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So very much in such a short period of time... I think I'd have a break down, personally. I came in here today because I just, well, needed a good cry, needed to remember a bit myself. I will keep your family in my thoughts... I don't think that the pain ever completely dissolves, but it eases, with time and tenderness.
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How are you doing today? I hope things are getting easier for you. remember the happy and *try* to forget the bad. You are a great cat mommy and you did a good job! Things happen for a reason. Godd just needed something cute to look at!

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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
How are you doing today? I hope things are getting easier for you. remember the happy and *try* to forget the bad. You are a great cat mommy and you did a good job! Things happen for a reason. Godd just needed something cute to look at!

Thanks hon, I'm doing ok lately....as close to "normal" as you can get for me, lol!

I stil miss my furry love, but I know he's better off.....now if I could just get his kitty buddies to stop hunting for him......
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I'm so sorry for the loss of Rusty, you're long time companion and friend. I know how you feel, as it is almost 2 years now, that I lost my Snoopy at the age of 20. He was everything to me. I literally went from a teenager to an adult with him in my life. So I know how you feel.

The pain is really unbearable at first, but time does heal the wounds. You don't forget them or how much you loved them, but it gets easier to look back on the memories with a smile.

R.I.P. Rusty. Have fun at the Bridge.
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I'm so sorry for you loss, in time it will get easier for you and you will only remember the good times with your precious boy. Rest in peace at the beautiful rainbow bridge Rusty.
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I know how that hunting thing goes! I lost Glitch on the 16th and I got a new one today. Booboo couldn't handle having no one there with him! He literally wouldn't eat, drink, move or do anything! I cant help but to keep thinking about my baby Glitch. I know he would have been gone by now anyways, but dammit he wasn't just my kitty, he was my son also!! When they are members of the family and roles have been established its just like losing a human thats covered with fur! I hope today is okay for you! Lemme know
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I'm so very sorry about Rusty. It is awful to lose one, but three in such a short period must be beyond devastating.
I know how you feel. Yesterday was two years since Duchess passed. To make matters worse, I forgot and only was able to post it this morning because a fellow birder in our audubon suffered from a terrible heart attack last week (unexpectantly) and his funeral was yesterday. We got her when I was 10 and she passed 2 days before my 25 birthday. She was a big part of my life and that was the worst birthday I've ever had since I ended up having to bury her that same weekend.
Losing one is heartwrenching, but three, I do not admit to knowing what that feels like. A friend of mine lost 3 of his animals (2 cats and a dog) within months this year. His most beloved and cherished cat among them.
I think if you truly cherish and love your cat (which I consider mine like children) then there is no shame in the grief that you feel for losing them. It is hard because you do not want to ever have to see them suffer. They are always there for you through the good and the bad and the one thing that stays constant in your life. I hope Rusty is playing happily with your other two kitties and that they are all looking down upon you.
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Rusty, my sweet love, even though I miss Gizzy, and my little Rurnt girl, you're the one who's on my mind this morning as we head into Christmas. I was outside yesterday, and was reminded of the fact that you spent your first Christmas with us outside, up a tree because you got out of the house on me, then climbed a tree, and it took us two days to get you out. This is the first Christmas since 1994 that you haven't spent with us.......and I'm feeling it rather badly this morning...I love you baby, hopefully Christmas at the Rainbow Bridge is full of tuna and snow and bright twinkly lights.
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