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Suggestions on a gift for my boss?

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Usually every Christmas my fellow co-workers and I buy a gift for our Boss. Well this year we didn't buy one because 2 out of 5 co-workers we're not working (one fell off a ladder and one had surgery on her foot)...so now that everyone is back to work we want to buy him a gift for everything he has done for us. He is fairly new (he was hired back in June) and we are at a loss at what to buy him. Any suggestions? I work in a Pharmacy and usually we buy things that the Pharmacist can use while at work...like last year we bought our former boss a coffee maker (she would drink 3 pots everyday!!). Here are some details about him that might help you guys with your suggestions:
He is 26, not married but has a girlfriend, no kids, no pets, enjoys exercising, loves listening to music...umm, I can't think of anything else at the moment. He's a pretty quiet guy and doesn't talk too much about things he does outside of work. I thought about getting a gift certificate to a nice restraunt (sp?)...but is that cheesey? He also drinks coffee like it's going out of style...so maybe we should buy him a coffee pot and etc? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks a million!
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several "sample" size coffees, two mugs, and a meal certificate for him and his s/o. It could be a Christmas/Valentine combo gift.
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Dragonladys suggestion is a good one, if he is a big coffee drinker like I am, he would appreciate it. Good luck!
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Shell -

This is totally unrelated but I was wondering the other day what became of your coworker's lawsuits and all the other stuff she was up to after falling off the ladder? PM me if you don't want to go into it here.

I also agree with the gift certificate to go out to eat suggestion. That's what I do for my boss. "Gourmet" coffee is always a good one for coffee drinkers.
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Thanks Guys!
As for the coffee, we live in a small town and don't have Java places with gourmet coffee. He just brings his own thermo jug full of coffee and drinks it all day long. I'll give these suggestions to my co-workers and see if they like those ideas. I think the basket full of sample coffees with mugs and a certificate to eat out sounds like a great gift for him.
Thanks again!
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As for my co-worker, it doesn't appear that she is going to sue. She finally came back after being gone for 25 days and on her first day back she asked if she could go home early because she was bored! I'm still very aggravated with her, but I try to keep the peace the best I can. She is constantly complaining about her headaches and this & that...but she's isn't getting much sympathy...so she just keeps going on and on about it until someone says something to shut her up. Since she's been back, she has gotten written up once (that I know of) and is pushing her luck for a second one. In my line of work, you can not have errors...and since she's been back, she has messed up SEVERAL prescriptions! She even mailed prescriptions to the wrong person!! She just claims that since she fell, her mind just isn't as clear and she forgets a lot of things. Well..in my opinion, she needs to leave the Pharmacy business until she is 100% back to normal. She is still going to different doctors and specialists to find out what is wrong with her...and they can't find anything wrong! I wonder why, huh? The truth is...THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HER! She is a total slacker and doesn't like to do a lot of her requirements with her job...and therefore blames her accident for her mistakes. It's so frustrating at times...
Sorry to rant and rave about it...It's all out of my control, so I try not to worry too much about it. The company has said that they are taking care of it and told us not to worry about it....so I won't anymore. It still makes me mad that I lost out on a big bonus because her stupidity!
Thanks Jan for asking about this...I completely forgot to post an update!
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All the above ideas are great. I will let you knwo what we bought our boss so far since he's been with us.

A personalised business card holder engraved with his name & date. It also has a clock that faces him. It's hard to describe but it is really nice.

A personalised fountain pen (he only writes with those)

A gift certificate for a one hour massage (believe it or not....he is hooked on that now and says he's going back this week)

This year, we are getting his favorite hockey shirt frames in a boxed frame for his office. (he is a hockey fanatic)

A stainless steel no spill coffee mug

A picture frame for his office

ummmm....I'm trying to think but, it is hard to buy for a boss. Sometimes even harder to buy for hubby.

I hope some ideas help....

How about movie passes? Or even booking him into a hotel (whirlpool room) for a romantic getaway for a saturday night? It would be a gift for both and I am sure he would enjoy that!
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Gevalia Coffee has a great promotion going. You can get 2 boxes of gourmet coffee, and a nice gift, a travel bag with coffe mugs, linen napkins, coffee mugs, sugar, and creamer containers. I got the promo for the travel bag recently, and it is really nice. You can cancel any time after the first shipment. The good news is, this is only about $20, and you can still afford to get a gift certificate for a nice meal. The number is 1-800-GEVALIA, or you can go to their website. My offer was dated until 1-31-03, but they always have another promo if that one is over. For those of you that have not tried this coffee, it is wonderful.
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I think the idea for a gift certificate for a massage is a great idea. I gave my boss one with a card that read.... This is for you because at times I'm sure we all get on your last nerve... this is a little something to relax you. Your a great boss, you work hard and you deserve it. He laughed about it and after his massage he was in a much better mood. We both benefited from it!
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