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Help! Cat Bite! :(

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Well I have 2 male 7 year olds who have lived most of there lives together. Occastionally they get into fights but I was petting one of them today, Rocko, and he has a patch of hair missing from the back of his neck. It is red and if you look real close you can see 2 puncture wounds very small. It doesn't look THAT bad, but a bite is a bite. And I am worried. I do not have the extra money to take him to the vet but just to ease my worry I want to even though I don't have the money for it or it might not be necarsary. Any advice on cleaning it or what to look for? Someone suggestion perioxde but doesn't that hurt? Should I be worried? Help?: (
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Talking from human experience rather than cat, id suggest boiling up some water and dissolving sea salt into it, then waiting for the water to cool and swabbing his puncture wounds with it. It might sting, but the pain wont last, and its better than letting it get infected. Id do this probably 3-4 times a day until the wounds are closed. Personally, I wouldnt take the cat to the vet unless the cat starts displaying symptoms of a fever, or the bite marks swell. I wouldnt use peroxide, I cant imagine it would be good for their skin? Just my advice, I hope you find an option of treatment you feel happy with
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Peroxide is fine to use but even better is Neosporin ointment and yes my vet has approved putting Neosporin on a cat.
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Peroxide is OK to use but it MUST be diluted first. Peroxide will burn tissue - even healthy tissue.

Unfortunately cat wounds will scab over on the top allowing the infection under the scab to fester and become worse. It is important to keep the wound clean and not allow it to hold the infection in so cleaning it with diluted peroxide won't hurt anything.

You say the punctures are very small, so at this point, if it isn't looking swollen or red, I'd just keep a close eye on it if you can't afford a vet visit right now.
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