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do your indoor kitties wear collars?

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Raven is strickly an indoor kitty. But she does wear a collar. I like the jingly bell and to be able to hear where she is. Mainly I got her used to a collar just in case she were ever to slip out, I am going to get her a tag to identify her and me.
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All of my kitties wore a collar from kittenhood until grown, simply to have them used to wearing one.
I collar my kitties for travel only.
One kitty wears a collar all the time, and only because she is a former feral and came to me as an 11 month old.
She's skittish with strangers.
She wears it as a precaution in case she gets out, she has visible proof that she belongs to someone, she wears a tag with her microchip information on it.
All of my pets are microchipped
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mine doesnt. I think it is a good idea, but I never got her on that routine.
I should have one with a tag - just in case.
SHe is chipped though.
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All of my cats wear collars. They are indoor only cats. I do that in case someone accidently lets one of them out when coming in or going out. Two of them (Isis and Luna) are former ferals, and one just plain is not happy when there are strangers around(Neffie), and Twig and Rocket just want to be the center of attention (even though Twig has a habit of nipping at you if you pet him) and will basically follow you anywhere.
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Yes, all three of them wear collars and it's a just in case measure like you. They have tags with their name, address, and our phone number. Leya's of course, says she's blind.
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All of my pets are indoors only and all wear proper id and collars at all times Fosters (australian shepherd), Whiskey (carolina dog), and Kojak are all microchipped. I had Kojak chipped when he was neutered (i work for AC) and both dogs i just chipped myself about 2-3 weeks ago. All of the chipped animals also wear their yellow microchip id tag as well. In the upcomming weeks I am going to get the three girl kitties all microchipped as well so that they are all chipped!

I work for AC and I can not tell you how many times i've seen those microchips and collars with id save a life!
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Both mine wear collars with their name, microchip info and my address and phone on the tags. I'm so afraid that someone will accidently let them outside.

Lilly, my oldest at 4 years is not the type to try to run outside, but during a house inspection when we sold our home the inspector managed to let her outside Forrest is only 6 months and was born feral - he still has an interest in getting out the door so I'm extra cautious with him.
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Yes, mine does even though he has no interest in the outside world. I'm a paranoid cat mom.
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yes my Lucky has a pretty red collar, she is a indoor kitty
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Nope. I show cats and whether HHP or pedigree, collars will leave a collar mark around the neck.

Ling wore a collar for a few months (and hated it) only cause she tried to get outside as a kitten and being mostly black, we needed to know where she was - with the bell on the collar. She doesn't try to get outside anymore so no more collar
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My guys are indoor only and wear i.d. tags at all times. That's just the rules around here. I got my cats as adults, Raven and Nabu wore collars before I got them but I don't know if Stimpy did. None of them have a problem with collars. I use nylon 3/8 inch wide collars.
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None of our cats wear collars.
When Gracie was a baby I tired to get her to wear one...didn't turn out so well.
So after that I just never bothered.
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Izabel wears a collar because she wants to go outside. Sylvie has had many collars, and since she is an indoor/outdoor cat she looses them ALL the time. Right now she doesn't have one. I've tried keeping her inside, but she doesn't understand. Especially since she was a stray to begin with!
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It feels like I'm driving without a seatbelt when my cat's collars are off, a definite must have.

Here's a picture of my collars, I bought them off ebay.

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No, they don't wear collars

I did buy collars, and I know I should have them on the cats. But after a fruitless struggle trying to get one on Swanie, I gave up. They are chipped, but I really do think I should have collars on them.
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No. Gracie hasn't showed any interest in going outside, and she only has access to a door that leads to a fenced-in (but not cat-proof) backyard. I don't think there is a significant chance of her escaping.
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I try to always keep one on Delilah, since she's indoor/outdoor. All three of my girls always manage to get them off, so but at least with the indoor kitties I eventually find the collars again.
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Mine do now because we will eventually move down to the first floor of our house. Stan is a bit of a door darter and I'd hate for him to get out, get lost and not be able to tell anyone who he is

THey are also chipped.
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All 3 of my current kitties wear collars with current tags. Luvbug and Lil' Jag used to be strays. And since we live in quake country, it's also for safety reasons in case something weird happens.
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My family had 2 outdoor only cats for 19 years but they never wore collars or tags. Right now we have 2 indoor kittens (6 months and 4 months) and they both wear collars and ID tags. The ID tag gives their name, our phone number and that they are micro-chipped. My family wanted them to have collars and ID tags in case they ever got out. My sister and I have fun buying new collars for them all the time. We got them Pirates of the Caribbean ID tags because both kittens are named with Disneyland connections.
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My current kittens don't wear collars as they are show cats, they are microchipped though.

Past cats all wore collars with name tage, they were all 'chipped as well.
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Both mine wear collars and have microchips. I adopted Odo when he was about 12 years old. I don't know what his history is, but he has no problem wearing a collar. Zek, who is about 2, was fine with the collar the moment I put it on him. I added the tag several days later (it took a bit of time for it to arrive). My previous kitties also tolerated their collars without any issues. The cats I had in childhood did not. My mom's cat learned how to remove hers very quickly, and our other kitty kept losing his as well.
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Mine all have collars which they wear if we have to take them out somewhere, and I randomly put them on just so they are used to them, but I don't leave them on them all the time. They are all microchipped also
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Hennessy wears a collar with an ID tag (any more tags and he takes the collar off, I've yet to find his other tags at the moment... under the couch, I'm sure) because he likes to dash for the door when it's open.
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Totally off topic...

everyone on here has the cutest kitties ive ever seen!all the pics in signatures are making me want my kitty more than ever....9 days to go til I bring Murfie home!!!!
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We spent some time training Juniper that behind doors lies Squirty Monsters, and now he just sits there even if the door is open. We get to do it again when Cat #2 shows up in a few weeks.

Neither will wear collars or be chipped, at least for the foreseeable future. We do worry about them getting out, but for us it's more an issue of our neighborhood. There's dogs on both sides, and then dogs again past that. Behind is an alley, in front is a 1-way street. There's a feral colony up the street of about 10+ cats, fed by a group of families, and a few stray cats that wander through the yard on occasion (since, as mentioned, there's dogs on both sides). If Juniper were to get out, he would hopefully hide under the porch or deck, or rush back inside if we were there. If he got beyond that, we'd have more luck with posters than collars, simply because there's no way we'd get Juniper to wear a collar (and if we got him a breakaway one, which would be preferred, we'd wake up every morning to a collarless kitty ), and no one around here knows anything about checking microchips.

I wouldn't mind getting him a collar if he was more interested in the outdoors, but we've been focusing on training him and he's been excellent at learning that outside = bad.
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nope, none of my indoor cats wear collars. One of the reasons is that they are persians and the collars can mat their fur.
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I got a collar for Zane, but he hated it. Scratched at it constantly and once even got his rear leg caught in it! It was a nice one, too, from the American Library Association; it had the Dewey number for Cats woven into it. (Yes, they make one for [if you will pardon the expression] dogs, too.)
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At the moment, Spooky Bear and Tabitha are the only ones wearing collars and tags. I plan on getting them for the kittens as well, but I'm waiting until they're done growing so I can get collars that will fit them as adults.
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Nope but she is microchipped
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