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Do you subscribe to...

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cat fancy?
Would you recommend it? Just wondering.
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I used to subscribe to it when I was a teenager. Now I buy it at the store on occasion.
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I do/did? I liked it, just am cutting down on the magazines I subscribe too and this one wasn't that of an "in-depth" read, so I'm not renewing
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I picked one up at a pet store to see if I thought it was worth it, and found that it was an advertising vehicle more than anything else - very few actual "articles."

And to be honest, the hundreds of breeder ads in the back pages just depressed me.

Obviously, I'm not against breeders in general, having just adopted my 2nd Bengal from Meridian Bengals, but the sheer volume of those advertising in that mag (rag?) seriously bummed me out.

I think it is NOT worth subscribing to. I keep looking for issues that may have at least one article in it worth reading, but I have found SO much more important info on cats here on TCS than I've ever seen in Cat Fancy.

Just my opinion.
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I subscribed for years, but finally decided not to renew because the magazine seemed to have more ads than useful information.
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Thanks everyone for the replys. I guess that if I have any questions I could just ask them here instead of buying a magazine full of adds.
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I never have, but I don't know.....maybe this site is better
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No i don't- there are more ads in there than useful tips/info- so it's not worth it in my opinion.
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I did, and plan on subscribing again, but for different reasons: The subscription fee is much lower than purchasing it monthly in the store, and I find it to be the easiest way to get information on upcoming shows. I also plan on getting a subscription to Dog Fancy (just for the heck of it!) and I *love* Bird Talk, by the same publishers, even though we don't have any birds! LOL
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I suscribe to Cat Fancy, not so much because of the articles any more, but because I like to read the ads, in order to keep up with the products now available.
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I used to get it. It's mostly ads, so I stopped subscribing. That and they increased the subscription price by a lot.

I subscribe to Catnip and Catwatch instead.
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I am subscribed to it and I like it. I don't get a lot of useful info but I enjoy reading the articles anyway.
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