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My wedding days

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I got married in June and I have finally put together a slide show of all my favorite pictures, My mum watched it this morning and told me it made her cry and she was then late to work, she is in England and I am in the US.

I wanted the sound track to be Eric Clapton's wonderful tonight, which is our song and our first dance, but annoyingly I couldn't find the CD so I made do with these to instead.

So if it interests you, click the link.

My slide show
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Oh i'll have a look when i get home because i havent got the speakers here at work. I love a good wedding
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Congrats!!! Your day looked wonderful!! I got married in June too (June 16th). I'm still waiting on my album. He ordered it the other day...finally.
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You were such a pretty bride! Those pictures are lovely! Thanks for sharing them with us!
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I agree! What a pretty bride!!!!! That wedding was so beautiful, a dream come true right?! That song was a good choice too!!
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Beautiful! I love looking at wedding pictures! Congrats!

Can I be nosey and ask why you had your wedding in two different countries? Was it because of his military duties or are one of you American and the other British? If I'm being too intrusive and you don't want to answer, that's ok. I just found it interesting that you had a wedding and reception in one country and another wedding reception in another.
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Beautiful pictures! You look gorgeous

Seeing those pictures made me even more excited about my wedding in 3 months

Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for sharing! They were excellent
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Thnaks for the comments!

Will is American I am English.

Ok we got married in the US as Wills Dad cant fly long distances, a flight to the UK would have been to long so Will and I decided the most important thing was to have our mums and dads at the wedding day, so as my mum and dad can fly they came on over, as did my 2 brothers, my sister, 3 bridesmaids and 2 people I used to work with, we were supposed to have a small meal after the wedding which was just for the family's, but we ended up hiring a room and having a buffet LOL

England was where the main Wedding reception was as I had about 70 people who were unable to afford/fly to the US, and we followed on our honeymoon from there,

Will and I paid for the wedding and reception in the US and my parents were very kind and paid for the reception in England, they arranged all the decorations as a surprise, My granny did all the flowers, (she grew most of them) and they even organized us that old car to be taken to the venue in. When we arrived to the reception in England everyone was waving us and UK flags which was cool!!
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Beautiful pictures! Of course, with a date like June 23rd you couldn't go wrong.

Originally Posted by eburgess View Post
Congrats!!! Your day looked wonderful!! I got married in June too (June 16th). I'm still waiting on my album. He ordered it the other day...finally.
Wow... I'm so glad to know I'm not the only June bride who doesn't have prints! I should have mine by turkey day or soon after.
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You look beautiful! And what a handsome hubby ! I'm a sucker for men in uniform. The picture with the crossed swords gave me chills. I looks like it was a beautiful wedding. And it was so nice that you could celebrate twice! Great job with the slide show!
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Congratulations Again!

Wow! You had an amazing wedding You all looked so elegant & beautiful!
Loved your bouquet of flowers, the colors were gorgeous :
Your wedding is definitely a day to remember for the rest of your life!
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That was really beautiful!
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