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what are you getting your cat for christmas?

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I was thinking of getting Raven a cat bed, there was the softest pink one at target last night, very cute.
What are you getting your cat(s)?
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I spotted a fabulous cat couch a month ago and I wanted to buy it but it was a bit expensive so I may purchase it for christmas. As a matter of fact it was my other half who stopped me from purchasing it there and then; he thinks I have no sense when it comes to the kitty! I'll also get him some treats.
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there was that toy a member posted the other day that hangs on the door and has string that flings bout, I think Mellow would love that!
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Probably more toys that they don't really need anyways
Hopefully a small cat tree!
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I would love to get Riley a big cat tree, but doubt I will have the money, so probably just some new toys that he doesn't need, lol.
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I'm going to get them another cat tree. One can never have to many of those.
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I bought their present last year after Christmas when i found it on sale! It's a little green christmas bag filled with tons of kitty toys- it's really cute! It's got tons and tons of fun toys in there for them and best of all i think i paid $2.00 for it! I also plan to get them some kitty treats and maybe a few more toys from PBT but i'm not sure yet! I still haven't figured out what to get the dogs yet- last year we got Fosters this and it was a huge hit!I found it at Petsmart at the start of the holidays and Colin got it for $10! I hope i can find two this year for both doggies!
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Enzo will do his usuall......Pick the present HE want's. I have to be carefull anytime someone comes over because Enzo might have opened their gift. It doesn't even need to be food, catnip, nothing, just has to be something he can open.

He really did tear this one up, but I had to help him a bit to get the box open. He also opened up my sister's present for her.... But about a week before x-mas came, and of course it was when she was spending the night with me!!!!
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I'll probably get my kitties a new blanket and maybe a new scratch post. I think they'll really love it. Last year Igot Ziggy a stocking with some treats and toys in, but she didn't like the treats. They do Whiskers stockings though, so I might try tose this year.
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I think I'm going to get my guys the Yeow! Catnip Candy Cane, a Mr Fish, and the holiday Okey Dokey Pokey Balls.
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Some more busy balls and mice because I can only find 1 out of the 12 mice we had and 3 of the 9 balls we had! Where in the world did they go?!
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I'm going to make Quill a QUILLT

Except I need to learn how to sew, lol. But I have everything I need hopefully. It's going to be interesting!
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I'm getting my cat some tins of tuna. She loves it.
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Lots of stuff But Everyday is Christmas around here
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I'm going to get the kids a couple of these for the sofa

They've got new collars that i bought them when i was in Paris, and i'm going to look for some new toys at the weekend
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I'd love to get them a big tree/condo but probably won't be able to afford one... plus, we barely have enough room for the foldy stuff. I did see a very cute leather bed/couch that was pretty nice but they don't use the beds they have. Of course, they were on clearance... I may have to check them out more closely next time I'm there.
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I'm not sure what to get Popsie. He never plays with the toys I buy him.
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Probably one of those goodie bags of toys they have at Petsmart, and some treats. In a cute little stocking for each
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Probably a blanket each with their initials on, then either a cat bed or a cat tree, id love to be able to get both but I doubt it, and possibly a collar each and some toys, gosh my two are spoilt!!
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Limerick is getting a new scratching post. He has had the same one since he came home 3 years ago.
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We are going to be either making (probably not) or purchasing a "kitty condo" for the cats. Whisper will be getting a new collar, since he lost his last night, and Reagan might be as well. All three of them are going to get new ID tags, since we haven't purchased those yet, though Molly won't be wearing hers (long hair, not good with a collar!).

We'll also be getting some toys. I want to get a cat teaser or two, a laser pointer, and probably one of those electric mice that dart around all over the place, running on batteries. We have hard wood floors, so this would work pretty well, I think. I also am thinking about a new scratching post since the dog has pretty much eaten the old one

I'm also going to look for some pet-safe holiday cookie recipes for the cats and Dozer, and probably for the rats as well (though they can basically eat anything they can get their paws on!).
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