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Max is settling in nicely...and is taking over completely.

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Much to Ginger's chagrin, Max, the 8 month old Bengal, is an Alpha male, and he has moved right on in and apparently toppled Ginger from her 2 year reign as Ms. Queen Bosscat.

That isn't to say that she can't continue to be the Alpha female; however, Max has already proven that he has absolutely no respect for any other cat in the household and that THEY must begin to kowtow to his every whim.

Ferris and Max had a small showdown yesterday, and my roomie and I think that Ferris won, but it ended with Max strutting off as if HE had won.

Penny has caught herself starting to play with Max - then she realizes that she hates the new kid and starts to hiss. Several hours later, this repeats.

Ferris and Max will become best buds, I think. They are already following each other around the house, and have touched noses without any hissing or growling from Ferris. (Of course, he was on my lap getting lovies at the time.)

Max has already stolen treats right out from under the noses of the cats that had thought they were about to eat said treats.

He has tried getting into the upper kitchen cabinets. He has splashed water in the fountain and found it...interesting. This morning, he stayed in the bathroom with my while I took my shower - to have left him outside of the bathroom would have meant that Max would "Ow, ow, ow, oooouw!" until he woke my roomie up.

Max has quite the vocabulary. He can say, "Mummmm, mummm, mrrrrum," and he "Ows" instead of meows. He likes to hear himself say "Ow," especially in the echo-ey bathroom at 4:30 a.m. while he plays with his reflection in the mirror.

Yup...Mad Max (as nicknamed by my roomie) has taken over our home and our hearts. I am COMPLETELY in love with him, and HATED to leave the house to have to go to work today.

I love all my cats - they are each incredibly special to me, but this new guy, Max...he just has something really special going on in that little head. He looks me in the eye, then gives me a headbutt, and I think he knows he's got me wrapped around his little paw.
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OMG how cute! I am so glad they are getting along. Benson loves being in the bathroom when DH showers. He used to clean the mirror after he showered. He still meows in the bedroom mirror when he is hungry. LoL
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Max is taking your house by storm!!!

Looks like you have found your soulmate kitty, Betsy Simon was mine and Hades is pretty close. Max is the kitty that speaks to your heart
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Awww! How great is that! It's like he's been there all along. What a great kitty to be able to adjust so well to a new environment so quickly!
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How wonderful, I'm so glad he's feeling comfortable although I will tell you a piece of my heart wants Ginger to regain some of her former regal status.

I really hope that Max and Ferris become fast friends.
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In many ways, Max sounds a heck of lot like Charlie. So it will be interesting to see what happens in the future when another Oci male kitten joins the household. Right now Mr. Charlies has more/less taken over; thinks he's more privledged then most cats (he's a show cat snob); and that he should be allowed to do whatever he wants to do
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I've been trying to write this reply for a while but Nikita keeps interupting by bringing me toys and dropping them on the keyboard. She knows her competition

Max sounds wonderful and I'm really glad that he'll be getting to have a forever home with you

Bengals are so much fun although very much not for people who think cats are low maintenance pets which you're no doubt very familiar with by now

Anyway yay! I've been really busy at work lately and not had time to check up on TCS properly so I've just read up on all your Max posts after you got him. It's really brought a smile to my face, thank you for sharing
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