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Where to begin -

tire pressure reader x3
spare tire and crummy scissor jack
10inch sony x-plod speaker and 75x2 watt amp
door speaker and mount
tons of miscellaneous screws
the largest pair of vice grips I have ever seen
rear strut mount bar
pile of cds
faceplate off the stereo of my 240's radio (that was mysteriously curb checked in an applebees parking lot)
other miscellaneous car parts. . .
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Oh, where do I begin??? I'm terrible about cleaning the car out. Apparently, the strangest thing in my car to my co-workers (who haven't seen the rest of it!) is the 30lb bag of cat food in my passenger seat. I feed the barn cats before I go to work, and when I get home, so it just easier to keep the bag in my car. I pulled into work the other day, and one of my co-workers asked me if that was a giant bag of potato chips. I said "no, it's a giant bag of cat food". He looked very confused.

I also have a boom box that may or may not work, a ton of books, at least one tub of kitty litter, and possibly a bag of potatoes buried that I forgot to get out when I went to the market this weekend. Not to mention many empty cups, soda bottles, and probably a few scratch off tickets that still need to be cashed in.

Oh, and in the glove box, I KNOW there are shot glasses we bought on vacation almost 2 years ago. Yeah, we're REALLY bad about cleaning out the car. I won't even start on what is in the trunk. I honestly think there may be a tent in there......
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A bottle of laundry detergent that I keep meaning to bring into the house. I guess when the current bottle is empty, I'll bring it in.

Two pairs of dance shoes. I get a new pair and the old ones never get out of the trunk. The shoe box from the current pair.

A 2 month old issue of "The Onion".

3 coats. The weather is chilly in the morning so I wear a coat into work and then forget to bring it in at night.
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Right now my computer is out there in the front seat, I even had to put the seatbelt on it today, the seat thought it had a passenger I guess the bells were ringing! I need to go out there and get it out, anyway, I believe there to be my son's alto saxophone, (which used to be mine, 20WHAT something yrs.ago) who said that? the American Eagle bag which has the remainer
of the flyers I made up of GiGi, with tape, staple gun, staples! cds.pen or pencils, and books from the 6 th grade. oh yea, my b/f's son is staying over tonight, he thought he had football practice tonight but he didn't , so I also have his uniform, helmet, pads, pants and jersey! Detergent, because my washer is broken! Bummmmerrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That should cover it! And I hate a messy car, it won't be for long!
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I collect glass insulators (like these: http://www.insulators.com/ )... and the last time I went to an insulator show, I came back with my trunk completely loaded with boxes full of both. Before I could unpack them, I had a freak accident with my keyring and lost the trunk key.

That was almost three years ago, and I haven't been able to open my trunk since.

And actually, I'm so used to driving with that extra weight in the trunk that I'm afraid I'd wreck if I took it out! Anyway... at some point, I'll give up hoping the key will turn up and just go ahead and pick the lock, if I can... and it'll be like Christmas, with all that beautiful glass in there!
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