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What's all this ear?

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Hi,again-I'm back after obsessing about noses-now it's ears!
I've just acquired two kitties(now nine weeks old)and they're great-have managed to clean them up a little(long story).
Problem is:one kitten(Alfie)seems fixated with licking out the ear(s)of the other one(Archie).Normally,I wouldn't bother-but Archie's ears are now getting red raw and I'm not sure it's a "normal" thing for kitties to be doing!
Archie himself does the chewing of fabrics/padding down thing-so I'm wondering if Alfie's behaviour is an extension of this young kitten "getting milk from mummy"/general infant oral pleasure thing?
Will Alfie grow out if it?Should I be worried?Can I really stop him doing it 24/7?
Thanks for any ideas! None of my other cats/kittens have ever done this....
Could it be a "trauma"/comfort thing from insecurity?
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It probably is a comfort thing, especially since they are so young. You really need to try redirecting Alfie from Archies ear, especially if it's getting raw. Moisture (slobber) in the ear can cause yeast infections or worse. When he starts licking on his ear, guide him to the padded material Archie nibbles on, a soft pillow, or even a stuffed animal of his very own. You may need to seperate them for a few days to help take his mind off of it. It will take time and patience, but I'm sure Archie will appreciate it in the long run!
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Hi,taterbug,thanks for the advice! Yes,I do try to guide little Alfie away from Archie whenever I see him-but of course I can't watch them 24/7....
It's interesting that when I'm asleep,Archie nibbles MY ear-perhaps it's a genetic thing with them?
As you say,it's probably a comfort thing because they're so young and because they've only been with me for nine days(from a foster home and separated from their mother).
I worry about it,though,especially for Archie's sake.
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Well, my 8 yr. old Boo is an ear nibbler too, but she prefers my daughters ear to mine! We rescued her when she was three weeks old, so I honestly think that taking them from their moms' before they are at least 3 months old is the reason for the suckling behaviour. And you're just being a good meowmy for worrying about his ear...and rightly so since little Alfie could do some serious damage!
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Thanks for the reassurance,taterbug-I think that's what I'm looking for just now....My last adult cat(very much beloved)died a few months ago aged 18-I'd had him & his sister(she died aged 15)since they were both six weeks old.
These two I have now were from an animal charity and as I said they had been in a foster home-I think they get them out of the foster home ASAP to make room for even more "deserving" kitties(i.e.younger and/or ones that have been mistreated/neglected)
I've had so much loss & betrayal in my life,I'm scared to the point of neurosis that something will happen to these two beauties!
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Oh, I totally understand that! You are only showing your love for your babies! I can't wait to see pictures!!
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