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BUP, VOB, & IFO files?

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What are they?

I've got a DVD or CD that has a show on it. I want to play the show on my computer & save it to my computer.....but I can't. There are 6 "files" under the main file on the disc.


I can't seem to get them saved to my computer at all! What the heck does the BUP, VOB, & IFO mean?
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Here you go. Lots of information on those file extensions.


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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
What are they?

Two BUP=back of the the other stuff
Two VOB=Video Object the actual movie data
Two IFO= InFOrmation. IFO files basically contain all the information a DVD player needs to know about a DVD

these the video of your TV spot?
or a movie, if its not letting you copy them trying moving all at once, or the fokder they are in..

also you will need some software to view DVD formats.
download hmm like the free version of power DVd you do need a dVD drive
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Yeah, this is still my TV spot I'm trying to master!
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Gee you want to fly up there and fix it for you hehe..
if you have DVD player, you did dvd player software,
and remember that converter software to make it windows media file.
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