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rice for diarrea??

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hello & thankyou for your well wishes & vibes for chilli cat.
he got them. he is at home & WEEING on his own yay!! 1 more tiny problem tho, he now has uncontrolable diarrea and is messing his foot and tail (broken) - (see chilli not peeing)
after some research, intoducing a bit of rice to his diet?? any info?

Thanks again,
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how old is he>>??
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hi there,
he's 7 months.
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actually cooked hamburger and rice will bulk up his stool IF he isn't ill. You can also add about two teaspoons of unflavored gelatin to canned food when you feed to help with diarrhea, again if he isn't ill. He may need antibiotics or other drugs if he is ill.
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he's on antibiotics and pain releif, the latter is thought by the vet to be the cause of the pooping.
he is'nt so much ill but recovering from hind 1/4's dislocation/fractures.

thanks for response. - could i mix a few teaspoons of rice into some kitten wet food? thanks again x
I LOVE THIS SITE!! so helpul for our loved 1 at the mo'.
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You can also get Science Diet ID tins from vet offices (no appointment) worked well on a cat we had here with medicine related diarrea.

Or just rice with boiled chicken also works.
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Antibiotics and stress is more than likely what is causing the loose stools then. Be sure he is getting plenty of fluids because he is losing a lot with the diarrhea. If you have access to Pedialyte or water with electrolytes and minerals added (usually found with baby food supplies) start giving him this as well. Those antibiotics can be pretty tough on the system, giving him probiotics will help- buy the capsules and sprinkle the powder over his food. Don't waste time with plain yogurt, honestly your spit has more good bacteria in it than a tablespoon of plain yogurt. The probiotics will help even out his digestive tract.
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i put a little rice through his wet food and he loved it!(so did his sister!!)
so far he is rested and content and has stopped worrying about that end of things.

thanks for the info, will get a few more supplies in the morning.

thanks again, megan x
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A good probiotic is Protexin, sachets available from the vets
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