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feline pine care?

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I am currently in the process of trying a whole bunch of green alternative litters. So far I have used the presidents choice brand (corn), Feline pine scooping, and now WBCL.
I'm finding WBCL to be almost unbearable in terms of smell in comparison to the feline pine, and I'll never go back to PC.
The thing is that the Feline Pine tracks way too much and is difficult to scoop. I was wondering about how people use the pellet version of the litter. I understand that it's different than the scooping variety, but if it's still easy to care for I might give it a shot.
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It's extremely easy to care for, but you could be disappointed if you're hoping to control the smell of solid waste..? Pellets don't have an offensive smell, and they are very good at controlling urine odor, but solids might not get buried. Gracie almost never buries her business, so if I'm in the area, I usually scoop immediately. If you try it and like it, then I highly recommend that you buy the Feline Pine litter box or something similar. It is great. You just shake the box to sift the dust into the receptacle. I dump the dust once a week when I'm taking out the trash. It's completely painless, but if I wait ~2 weeks before dumping, then I can start to smell the urine. There is never a need to replace the litter, clean the box, etc., so it is very low maintenance. Tracking won't really be a problem with pellets, particularly if you use a sifting box. There is no reason to use a slotted scoop with pellets, so I use a large serving spoon. And I use stove pellets instead of "cat litter" pellets, because they are dirt cheap (costing me less than $1/month).
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I use the Feline Pine pellets and *love* them. Cleaning out the litter box is a breeze and what little tracking there is is just a few pellets that are easy to sweep up.

I also recommend the "shifting" litter box you can order from Feline Pine. It is part of what makes the FP so easy to use.

3 out of 4 of mine bury their feces. I'm hoping the 4th (new addition to the house) will learn to.
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We are using the pellets. The poop doesn't get covered and it probably would be easier if you had a screen at the bottom of the pan so that the sawdust would fall there and the pellets stay on top.

Right now I don't have the pan set up for that and have to skim it and put the pellets in another pan and dump the softer sawdust into a bag for the trash. Takes about 5 mins to clean out the pan.
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