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Mom and kittens were out in the cold

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I foster kittens for my local humane society, They called me about a week-10 days ago to ask if I would take on a mom and four kittens..here's poor moms story:
She is about a 1 year old small cat, and was an indoor cat from a baby. The owners landlord said the cat had to go...so instead of this lady taking her to a shelter...she threw her outside in August. She got pregnant and had 4 kittens. This lady called the shelter because it is getting colder at night (27-35 degrees) and she wanted help for them. In the meantime she took her sweet-old time getting them in and one baby died.
I have her now with the 3 babies and they are 3-4 weeks old. Cute as can be!!! I have her in a warm spot and a heating pad under the cage. I covered the cage so she could have warmth, peace and quiet with her babies...on the open side of the cage..I put another cage with the door open and tied the two cages together..she has her litter box and food in that one. I wanted to make sure she had enough space so she could stretch out. She hasn't paid much attention to the kittens...I know they are hungry. I took the cages apart and made her go in the side with the babies..she finally laid down and fed them...I have not seen her clean them at all. Should I take over or let her clam down a little and wait to see if she does her job. I understand this is a new place and she wants out of that cage. I am not sure what to do at this point.
I gave the kitten a can food, watered down a little and they gobbled it up..they were hungry.
I know this post is long but i wanted to give a good history, so everyone knew what she had been through. Is she mourning her dead baby kitten?
She has laid with them for a good 30 minutes now and they are still nursing. She should be doing this on her own.
I would appreciate any advice... Thanks alot
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I can't help with your problem, someone else should give you the advise you need. I hope she starts to look after them. My cat Blossom was abandonded at 3 weeks old & I hand raised her with KRP. The vet told me to introduce food to her then, but she had no idea what to do so I kept her on the bottle until she was about 5 weeks old. The hardest thing I found was getting her to pass a motion. If mum starts to clean/stimulate them all the better.
Have you checked out the stickys at the top of this forum?
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