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Under the covers?

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I'm wondering if any of you have cats that sleep with you under the covers on your bed. My cats have been sleeping with me, but they sleep on top of the covers. It's going to be getting pretty chilly at night here soon. I haven't figured out what to do to keep them warm. I made them heated cat beds in bed boxes to keep them cozy, but they don't want to sleep in there any more since I started letting them sleep on my bed. So I thought if I could get them under the covers, that would keep them nice and snuggy warm. I think I can get Rocket and Twinkie to go under there. They've been under the covers before so it's just a matter of getting them used to being under there all night. Mellie is another story. I don't know WHAT I'm going to do about her.
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Kitto is the only cat I have ever had who actually will get under the covers with me, but he only does it in the morning, usually when I have to get up.He is very affectionate then. I think if your cats get cold they will find a warm spot, cats are so good at that.
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Tino loves to sleep under the covers and will wake me up in the middle of my sleep scratching to go under the cover. My RB Babygirl would sleep every night with her body under the cover and her head on a pillow

Just hold the cover up with your legs like a tent while you are laying on your back and see who want to come under and slowly lower it and see who stays.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Just hold the cover up with your legs like a tent while you are laying on your back and see who want to come under and slowly lower it and see who stays.
Yup. Scarlett will join me every night and will spoon next to my chest under the covers. But she likes to be invited as Pami described.
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Other than the heated cat beds, there really won't be any warm places to sleep. Mellie has taken to sleeping in my office chair. I don't think sleeping in 58 degrees is going to hurt her, but I'd like her to be snuggy warm and comfortable.
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That's an amazing picture of Twinkie on your siggy -- looks pretty snug to me! Well, if they absolutely WON'T go undercover (as my Samuda and my beloved angel Simba have been known to do), how about those wonderful, fleece-lined cat cups? Or the cat tents? You could visit to see a wide array, plus plush beds with and without sides. Surely there'll be something warm to tempt Mellie! btw, my calico girl Maryam was beside me in bed this morning for the first time when I woke up. That made my whole day!!!
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Just hold the cover up with your legs like a tent while you are laying on your back and see who want to come under and slowly lower it and see who stays.
That's what I do to Squee (but with my arms). She loves going under my top blanket. Scratch doesn't even like sleeping on my bed.
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Originally Posted by Tarasgirl06 View Post
That's an amazing picture of Twinkie on your siggy -- looks pretty snug to me!
Ya, he loves to play with my clothes. I throw an article of clothing on the bed, open it up, and he dives in. Then we play "where's Twinkie?? I can't find Twinkie!!" and he pokes his little cat nose (and nothing else) out of a neck hole or an arm hole. It's just hilarious!!
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Seamus never gets under the covers and has only recently started sleeping in the bed again... he didn't all summer... he practically lays on top of me though so I'm sure he's nice and warm... he takes up more bed than I do! Leave a nice fleece at the foot of the bed if she gets cold she can curl up on that. Seamus will do that if he gets really cold.
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Willow would sleep under the covers with me, but it was about closeness and not warmth--she'd be under there even if it was 90 degrees out! Unless your kitties are lacking in fur (either due to special breed, like sphinx or rex, or grooming), I think they will probably be fine just being on the bed. Having the heated cat beds is a nice touch, and if they are too cold, they will probably use them. Otherwise, I'd just let them sleep on top of the covers. Their body heat ends up trapped in the covers and helps keep them toasty on the bottom.
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It's about 55-60 in my bedroom at night. Dorian sleeps under the covers with me & licks me. Ophelia curls up on top of the covers by me. You've got to remember, you are a heated pet bed. Sleeping on top of you under the covers is warmer than just a blanket.
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Yes, remember that unlike you, cats are covered in insulating fur. 58 degrees is just fine... if they are cold, they'll just curl up in a warm spot. The top of the covers, near you, should be just fine.
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All 3 of mine sleep under the covers, now the nights are getting warmer they go under less often.
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Maverick loves to snuggle under the covers, too. He & Foxy were the only two cats I've had who would do that.

Being from Wisconsin myself, I know what you mean. I'd always worry that my furbabies would get cold, too - especially when it would get to be 50 below windchill factor! But they never did: they'd either all lay on top of the bed curled around me, or curl up together somewhere else like on the sofa or chairs. Cats aren't stupid. They know how to keep warm!

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the cats i have now, Eazy loves to get understuff, bedding, rugs, anything.
lol i have a pic the wife took couple of days ago of me sleepign with eazy under the bedding right next to me with just his tail laying on my arm
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Bella will get under the covers, but by the time I wake up she's always on top of them (and usually on top of me )...Stan likes to stay up on my pillow next to my head. I know from my DH that I am in fact, not only a heated pet bed, but I'm keeping the whole family warm

We keep the house around 60 and have a big down comforter. Don't forget they're wearing fur coats too

It's actually very amusing the way Bella gets in...she burrows in head first and then slowly turns around to poke her head out. She usually pauses to lick my arm or knee. The entire operation takes about 5 minutes.
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Ginger has got Maine Coon blood in her - her winter coat just grew in thick and plush. She actually seems to like being in cool spots - her feetsies are always cold when she comes in to give me my morning kisses!

Ferris is so loaded with fur, and SO scared of being trapped, that there is no way he'd ever get under a blanket.

Penny ... well, Penny is Penny. She sleeps in my roomie's bedroom, and I have seen her make a cave of sorts out of the bedclothes that are hanging off the bed, but I've never seen her actually snuggle under a blanket.

My new boy Max, however, is a blankie-boy. I just found this out last night - he LOVES to be wrapped up warm and snuggly.

We have to keep our apartment as cool as possible this winter, as heating oil is now over $3 per gallon (over $700 for a tank fill ) but I'm not worried at all about the kits. If they are that cold, they'll just have to learn to cuddle with each other.
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My late cat always slept beside me in the bed with her head on the pillow the last three or four years of her life. She always seemed to end up taking up two thirds of the bed and would complain every time that I moved. She also liked to sleep on the bed covered with a fleece blanket in the daytime.

The two kittens sometimes sleep on my bed; the boy will generally sleep wherever the dog sleeps and the girl will sleep pretty much anywhere soft...
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Raven and Nabu are under the covers boys. Stimpy has a thicker coat, so he stays warmer.

Funny thing is, I've tried a couple heating pads and Raven & Nabu don't like them. They prefer blankets and those thermal beds that reflect their heat back at them.
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I think I hit on something: for tonight's treat time, I put some stuff under the bedcovers to make a kind of a "cave" then I tossed treats in there so the cats had to chase the treats under the covers. I'm hoping this gets them used to being under there and also associates good things with being under there. We'll do this for several nights and see what happens.
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I had a cat, who still lives with my mom (as he is too old to try and make him move to my home) But he is a HUGE cat and always slept in the bed with me! He was so funny about it--I always had to invite him in and hold up the covers then he would sleep next to me with his head on the pillow and one arm on top of the covers. He is the ultimate cuddler though.
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