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Update on Whisper

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If you haven't already seen the post about us taking in a feral, it's in the Caring for Strays and Ferals forum. I wanted to point that out, because it gives a bit of an insight into Reagan's personality and what makes her so wonderful. I feel bad because I talk more about Whisper, but he's the one I have the strongest bond with.

At any rate, I wanted to give an update.

We've got the cats quarantined because of the new cat in the house still needing to see the vet. The quarantine didn't quite go as planned because Molly hid almost right away and took over the room I wanted Whisper and Reagan in No matter, Whisper doesn't mind being in the office with me during the day and in the bedroom at night, so I'm not overly concerned about it.

The great news is that earlier today I went to take a nap, and DH was on the computer in here with Whisper and the dog (Dozer). Whisper was being his usual annoyed self because the dog was so close by, and as he was about to leave, DH thought twice and approached Whisper by getting down to his level. At first the cat tried to get away, but he stopped him gently and began to pet him!

Before long, Whisper was *purring!* Then DH picked him up and flipped him over onto his back for some of those special "Daddy tummy rubs" (Reagan thinks DH's tummy rubs are the best, so I assume he does something special!).

Whisper *loved* it! DH put him back down and went to do something else in here, and wouldn't you know it, the cat came up next to him and flopped on his back for some more tummy rubs.

PROGRESS! Isn't it sweet?
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That is wonderful news. Your DH must have a special touch there.
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Especially tummy rubs. That's a big one!
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DH has a "healing touch" with both animals and humans. Whisper just hasn't given him much chance to use it. I know that Reagan communicates fairly well, but I'm not sure if she and Whisper communicate with one *another* or if she has a way to communicate to him that DH isn't a horrible person

But the tummy rubs are *huge* in this household. I walk near Whisper or Reagan and they flop over. Heck, Molly almost did it earlier!
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