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When does a male cat start spraying?

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Links is now 11.5 weeks old. I will be getting him neutered at 5 months if I can, if not I'll have to wait until he's 6 months.

But when will he start spraying? Is it when he reaches sexual maturity?
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Both my cats were neutered at 6 months which is the norm in the UK and never sprayed so you should be OK.
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It could happen any time after puberty, and he's probably into the first stages of puberty right now. But just because a male cat is sexually mature doesn't mean he's necessarily going to start spraying right away. Sometimes a male cat won't spray until and unless he feels he has to mark out his territory. That might occur if there's another male cat in the house, if stray cats come around outside, if you adopt another cat, female goes into heat, etc.
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Some male cats never spray I owned an entire male rex that didn't spray - but they are few and far between.

Most would spray in response to either a female in heat, another rival adult male that sprayed, or similar circumstances.

Since you are in the UK and they won't neuter early (3-4 months old), then you can lessen the chance of your boy spraying if he stays inside. Going outside and being around other males who are not neutered, could cause him to start spraying at an earlier age.
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Ares was neutered at 6 months, and we never had any issues with spraying. We plan to have Hades neutered at 6 months as well. I also know that their dad, Nombre, has never sprayed, and obviously he's intact. (But they are indoor cats.) I guess when a cat may begin spraying really depends on the personality of the cat and the situations he's put in. (i.e. Outdoor territorial disputes with other cats or tension among household pets.)
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So have any of you known an indoor-only to spray? About to get a female kitten who is around 8weeks old (orphan). Because of the age difference, hopefully she will not go into heat before Links is neutered at 6months, but I just want to know what to expect.
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Originally Posted by sadieandziggy View Post
So have any of you known an indoor-only to spray? .
Yes -- indoor-only cats can spray.
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IMO if they are only about a month apart in age, there's a very good chance of them breeding before you get them spayed/neutered. I'd hold off getting an opposite sex kitten until he's done, or adopt a female that already is spayed.
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