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Oh great

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Our washer decided that it doesn't want to work anymore. I had clothes in it too... when it died. The only thing it's doing is filling up with water and draining the water. This is just great.

By the way.. I am feeling much better. My headache is gone but I still have a bump on my head.
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Glad your feeling better.

My tumble dryer is on the blink. It keeps stopping on its own. I have no back garden, and the heatings not on yet. I don't feel like hanging my smalls in my front garden.

Looks like its a new washing machine for you, and a new tumble dryer for me.......
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We need a new dryer as well. Our dryer died about 2 years ago. We just haven't had the money for a new one and now the washer is broken.
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Glad to hear you're feeling better. As for the washer, well I guess it's time for the repair tech or a new one -- and you can feel better, if you want, knowing that several years back, when my folks had company (some of my dad's family), my cousin walked into their living room and said, 'hey, I hate to tell ya this, but your kitchen is flooded!' Yep, the washer.

Fast forward to now -- I'm living in the house, the floor has been replaced and so, of course, has the washer, complete with a shutoff valve at the wall.
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It is such a pain in the but when your washer or dryer breaks down. I just had my dryer fixed today. I have had my washer and dryer since May 2001. My dryer has been repaired 3x and my washer once. I was offered the option of buying a new extended warranty on my dryer when I sheduled this last repair. I took it because this is the 2nd time in I have had issues with my dryer heating up properly in less than a year. I did not have the extended warranty the last time I had it fixed. I figure most of the warranty has paid for itself already between today's repair and the lint trap that I replaced after the screen got wholes in it.
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Our washer likes to fill up until it's overflowing... the carpet is RUINED!! We can't afford a new washer or new carpet... I know how you feel!
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Our washer used to overflow in the back where the pipes are.. now that wall needs to be replaced.. and of course the washer now lol
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Our washer fills and then will not drain for approximately 3 days.

It only does this sporatically, so our landlord says 'deal with it.'
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I hate washing my clothes in tub!!!! Guess we are looking a laundry mat.. til we have money the money gfor a new washer.. wish my dad was here.
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