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NEW Photos of Big Ben!

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Big Ben (aka Mr. Growly Pants) is now roaming around the house more and has now set up camp in our 3rd (lower level), Our Living Room of our 3 story townhouse intead of in our top floor Master Bedroom

He STILL (after having him for almost 2 months) Growls and Hisses at the other 3 Cats... when they walk past him. They ignore him, walk past him... give him his space... he still Growls and Hisses... I don't know if this is a sign that he will NEVER like them... or HOPEFULLY at somepoint he will realize that they do not want to hurt him...

Anyway... at least at this point I am RELIEVED to see him out and about roaming the house, looking more relaxed with his "new" home.

Played around with a Photo of Big Ben
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Mr Growly Pants He is so handsome! glad he's settling in a little better, hope he continues to improve
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A friend of mine has to cats but when they had gotten the second one, their first one, Hope would fight Gabby viciously. It took Hope a whole year before she accepted Gabby.
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Still as handsome as ever! I'm glad he's exploring more and I hate to be a downer but don't hold your breath that he'll befriend the other cats. I've had Frankie & Wickett for almost 2 years now and while Frankie is more tolerant every day they still bicker and she doesn't often tolerate his close proximity.
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I think I had a couch like that one on the right corner some years back, I can't tell too much by that picture to say for sure. Cute boy, hope he continues to come around.
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That nose of his is so adorable!!!

Even after 9 years Trouble still growls when one of the cats walk by her. They just ignore her and walk on by.
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What a gorgeous mancat Mr. Growlypants is -- so regal and royal and dignified! But inside tht leonine exterior is probably a timid, scared little boycat. Here's hoping that, with time, patience, and lots of LOVE, he will blossom and take his place among the clowder.

Rescued is MY favorite breed as well -- but then, you knew that!
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He is so handsome!! Hopefully he'll warm up to the other kitties soon!
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I love seeing Mr Growly-Pants Ben!! Those little white socks and that pink nosey are to die for
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O my, he is just soo stunning, I those eyes, hes gorgeous

And the growling, he can change u never know..we had that with Stormie when Blue first came and she did it for 2-3 months, now those 2 are inseparable..or he can be like Willie who will never like any of the other cats and growls just for walking by, but on occassion i see him letting Stormie sleep on the the thing in the living room with him so hes just stubborn! But I hope it all works out in your household
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He is really a gorgeous boy. I really love his nose, too
Sending many vibes that he settles in more and more
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