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Do I really look bothered Dad?

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Little Minnie Moo Moo just sat on the desk while I was watching the fireworks go off out the window, complete with loud explosions. It hasnt bothered her in the slightest :lol3

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Aww what a cutie, great expression on her face

My crew haven't figured out how they feel about fireworks, they look all terrified, but it's like a train wreck, they can't peel themselves away from the windows, they just have to watch.
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what a gorgeous girl!!! she looks like she's thinking "Look at all the pretty colors"
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She is a beautiful girl!
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No worries!
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Yeh she is a little cutie. She does her own thing when she wants to do it, she keeps her distance from all of us until she is ready to come to you, then with a little meow she rubs up against you, starts to purr like a car and lets you pick her up for cuddles and snuggles. After about 30 seconds she lets you know she wants to be put back down, and when you do she will slink of to a corner somewhere and just sit there with that expression on her face, but if she spots something moving she is after it at 90 miles an hour. Minnie was the smallest of the litter but boy does she have an appetite, there is nothing she will turn her nose up at, the way she was eating some green and black garlic stuffed olives the other night you would have thought she had not been fed for a week
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That is such a sweet face
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awe what a sweet face, you just have to love that expression too soo soo cute
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Awwwwww what a sweet face
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Aww, look at that face! She's so cute!
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She is a beauty! Love the expression on her face
Such a pretty girl We love her black face too!!
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Awww she is lovely, what a cute little face she has.
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Awww, how cute is she! She does have the cutest look on her face!
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