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I have 5 3week old kittens........There mother was being an Excellent mother until today when she decided to move them from underneath my daughters bed to underneath my bed....Anyhow now she is growling at them and hissing at them and not really taking a great deal of notice of them....They are all crying and i feel so bad........I can hear her growling underneath the bed as im typing this......Why is she doing this????????/And why did she move them?..........The mother is only 1 yr old has that got something to do with it?........Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
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It really depends. Do you or did you have any other cats in the house? Did something in the house happen right before she moved them? She may just be trying to protect them. If thats the case, then the best thing you can do, is to put them all in a room and keep the door shut. This way you are taking any threats away from her and the kittens. I would give this a try first.
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ghostkitten - I just noticed you posted this here as well as in the behavior forum. I'm closing this thread to avoid cross-posting. In the future, please use only one thread when presenting a problem or a situation. It helps keep this place more in order.

Those of you who want the other replies - please check this thread:
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