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My cat keeps Pooing next to the litter tray and not in it??? PLEASE HELP!

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Hi there,

I moved from a condo to a house about 3 months ago. In the condo I never had any problems. I got brother and sister kittens about a year and a half ago and they used the litter tray from the day I got them without incident. But recently in the new house the male cat has started to on the floor in the kitchen. Approx. 1 meter away from the litter tray. Its really getting to me know. And he knows hes doing it!!! I see him in the living room, he catches my eye, looks scared and runs away. As if he knows hes done something wrong.

What can I do to get him to stop doing this. Its not every time but its getting more frequent. He doesnt piss on the floor or anywhere else in the house.

Any advise will be much appreciated.


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You need to add another box and maybe 2. My cats never did it either until 3 years of age and my Kiko did it. I added more boxes and the problem instantly stopped.

Some cats want to pee and poo in separate places, not in the same place.
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What about putting the litterbox right on the spot where he poos?
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Sounds like you have a fastidious cat. I guess he hates the thought of walking over his own poo. Considering they have to lick their paws clean, I'm surprised there aren't more cats like this!

Try another litter box and make sure he knows where it is. If that doesn't work, an automatic litter box that cleans the litter whenever he goes might help.

If he still poops next to the box, you might have to put down some puppy training pads, so your floor doesn't get damaged, while you try to find a solution.
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I agree about adding another litterbox. We added a second box and our problems *disappeared* entirely. We still need to get two more, but we're getting there bit by bit. We aren't sure where to put a third, let alone a fourth, litterbox, but we'll find a place!
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He feels he needs to "mark" it somehow, as his. So he's really asking for another litter box.

This will let him feel that he is patrolling, which he must need. The first place we should put a new litterbox is where he's going now. See if that fixes the problem.
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Hi guys!

Thanks for the advice.

So, you are all saying to get another littertray. Do I put it in the kitchen as well, next to the other tray or do I put it in another room?

Also, he always pooed on the floor to the left of the box. I was buying some bleach to clean the floor yesterday as someone said that if I could get rid of the smell he wouldnt remember where he pooed last time and would go in the tray. WHilst in the shop the woman working there surgested that I put ground pepper on the floor. I did this in the place that he was pooing and this morning there was some poo on the right of the tray (this is a first).

My real question is where do I put the second tray. Please let me know your thoughts.


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You have gotten great advice! Some cats will just poo in one box, and pee in the other. (I didn't know about the pepper thing - how interesting.)

The other thought is...was the house inhabited by cats before (as well as people, LOL)? It's possible he's just going on the spot someone else has gone on before.
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Ok, I bought another litter tray. There are now 2 litter trays in the kitchen and I just went in there and theres on the floor again???!!

Any ideas? Please this is driving me crazy!


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