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Anyone else watch Amazing Race?

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The 12 season of Amazing Race just started on Sunday night. It is one of the few reality shows I like to watch because the problems they encounter (i.e. flight delays, transportation problems, and language barriers) are everyday problems that people have to deal with when traveling.
Does anyone else like to watch this? If so, what do you like the most about it? I like being able to see different parts of the world to get some ideas of where to travel to.
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My wife and I love the Amazing Race. The biggest kick I get out of it is watching them bicker and then watching my wife getting irritated at them. We love to see our favorites do well, and hate the ones we dislike do well.
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I caught the last 20 minutes last night. I do enjoy that show! I starting watching right before the donkey part of the those things can be stubborn. I was starting to get mad at that one couple...I was like, "of COURSE he isn't going to move if you keep YELLING at him"!

The grandfather, grandson team is so cute, but I haven't picked a favorite yet.
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The Amazing Race is one of my favourite shows of all time! I love to travel, and it's totally my dream to be on the show, hahaha. It gives me all different places to add to my "to-do" list

I really enjoyed the first episode of this season. I did feel a little bad for the donkeys, though. I did have to laugh when it was hee-hawing at the couple
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I couldn't believe how some of the people were treating the donkeys! Donkeys are extremely stubborn, but they are NOT stupid. Yelling and threatening it will not make it move....
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I used to watch it all the time....then I had kids.

With 2 kids under 3 I don't watch much except for kid's programming. I miss real tv.
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I love the Amazing Race - though I didnt watch last night. I wanted to watch The Simpsons and Family Guy so I taped it. I cant wait to watch it though! I think I've watched just about every season since the first.
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Ooooh, I love it! I totally caught it last night. I've seen every episode of the last couple seasons.
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One of my favorite shows.

There are a few couples that I cant stand already.

I too would love to do this show just to see the world. I would never do it though. I would not bungee jump, we would have to go the long way and would get sent home. So I watch it from my living room and dream of going places.
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That is one of the few reality shows I watch. And have also decided that Travis and I would kill each other on that show
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Maybe someone or someones need to put together a team from TCS and audition for the show. They can be the 'The Crazy Cat People' team
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