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Our Cutie Spooky!

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Well - I feel bad that I haven't taken the time to find a way to post these on the net and link - but since I deleted so many pic threads I started, I figure I can post a few!

But Spooky has integrated into our little world so well, and she's just a love. (Yay! We got a lap cat!) We find her to be the cutest little thing, and she has great expressions. Even Lazlo and Shelly can't help loving her, despite all her batting and hissing when she first arrived!
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...and just one more...
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WHAT A SWEETIE! she's so adorable, you guys are truly lucky. She kinda looks like my tigger...
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Ohhh... cutie!!!

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the link Lizza!
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Aww I love that picture, she is such a sweetheart!
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Ed's checking out the screen. **sniff sniif** That's my valentine?! Hubba Hubba!
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Spooky is just adorable!!!
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Everytime I see all the pics of the cats I just want to invite you all over and have a big *hug* session!!

Too cute Laurie!
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Awww Spooky looks so sweet and cute! Glad you got a little lap cat to add to your family!
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What a beautiful girl! She's got the princess pose down pat in the second photo-feet together and a very fetching expression!
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She is so cute! Silas thinks she's cute too!
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What a sweetie!
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I am so glad you have a lap cat. There is nothing like it - Merlin was on my lap for over an hour last night. Those pics are precious!
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What a pretty little girl! Sounds like she's a purrfect fit in your family.
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She beams with personality Laurie. Give her a scratch for me
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Laurie - she's adorable!

I lurve that second picture - there's real attitude coming out of that picture - but looks can be deceptive as we all know. These critters are quite smart when it come to posing for the camera!
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Yola - LOL! But Spooky is spooked by the camera still! Gotta catch her before she knows it's there. Her name is very fitting - poor thing spooks so easily.

But GOSH I'm so glad she's a lap cat! Lazlo and Sheldon just never give us the pleasure. Shelly will stretch out on Gary's legs to get brushed for a while if Gary puts his feet up - but this little girl will roll around and just purr and purr and stretch out on her back - it is just too cute. She loves sleeping on us. It's so gratifying to be so noticeably loved back!!!! (Not that our other boys don't have their ways of letting us know they love us.... like tipping over our cups, shredding our paper towels and... well - you get the picture! )

Ady - you are so right!

(Hi Sabra! So nice to see you!!! I miss you!)

Mollydoats - looks like you've got an imp there!
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Yep, she's trying to look innocent, and she's a real cutie, but she has mischief written all over her! And now she has Ed and Silas mooning over her. No doubt about it- you'll have to keep your eye on this little girl!
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What a cutie!!! Oh, Laurie, I'm so glad she ended up being such a lovable lap kitty! Hurray!!! I also love that second photo! You can just see the personality oozing out of her royal spooky self!

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