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One less Feral will be Cold Tonight

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We're supposed to have our first snow of the season tonight -- just flurries around here, but snow nevertheless. I've been obsessed with making sure that "Pretty Girl" had some shelter over the winter, because she's just so tiny and young that I can't bear the thought of her being out in the cold throughout the entire winter. Baloo and Face I don't worry so much about because they both have fat stores and are older cats, though we're still going to try to find Baloo's owners.

We took in "Pretty Girl" last night. Her name is now "Molly" (something that both DH and I could agree on) and she's currently in quarantine (until we can get her a veterinary appointment) and in hiding. But the good news is that she *was* allowing us to pet her last night before we brought her inside, and she didn't need to be trapped -- just picked up and carried into the house.

I feel good about our decision.

Reagan is mildly upset, but not for the reasons that you'd think. She's annoyed that her new buddy isn't able to come play with her! TOO funny! She actually greeted the dog this morning in an attempt to get herself some playful affection, as Whisper spent the night in the bedroom with us.

The only kitty who seems even remotely affected is Molly (the kitten formerly known as "Pretty Girl") and the dog doesn't even know anything's different! How amazing!

Reagan may be the single most adaptable, friendly and amazing cat I've ever known -- and she's a former feral herself!
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awwww, I'm so glad they are all getting along and are happy. Thank goodness Molly has you to take care of her!
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I only feel a little bit bad for Reagan who just can't figure out why Molly doesn't want to play You'd actually think she was still a little baby kitten, even though she's over a year old now! *Everybody* is a potential friend to this cat!
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That's wonderful.
I'm so glad that Molly now has a safe and warm home.
Sending that everything goes well with the Vet appointment.
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I'm glad to hear that little Molly is now safe and warm inside. Sending lots of vibes that all goes well at the vet.
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Aw, I'm so glad you got Molly inside before the snow flies! Good luck at the vet with her; hopefully she and Reagan will be playing together in no time!
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Awww, good for you for bringing her inside Your furfamily sounds very special to be so accepting of Molly
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Congratulations on getting Molly inside! What a great thing you are doing! God luck at the vets with her!
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I'm going to call tomorrow to try to get an appointment. Hopefully we'll be able to safely get her into the carrier to take her. Right now that's my biggest concern with the vet. I checked her over briefly last night and she has no signs of any problems (parasites, infection, etc), so I'm expecting everything to go pretty well.

We're going to have her shots done by the vet and then take her to a low-cost spay/neuter to have that part taken care of. There's a great place not *too* far from here that does vaccinations, altering *and* microchipping for $30!
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Molly came out from under the love seat! Just for a moment, but she came out, had a look around, and went back under it again (probably where she feels safest right now). She doesn't seem overly bothered by the change in environment, as being feral, she's very nocturnal as it is and this is beginning to become "her" time of night. I think we'll most likely see her out and about within the next couple of days.

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Bless her little heart, she wants to come out and see her new home.
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It's a really good sign, isn't it?

I've either been *really* lucky or DH and I give off a vibe that is inviting to cats in general. Reagan and Whisper both settled *right* in with us. I remember Reagan just walked in and didn't even bother to explore, just found "her" spot (the back of the love seat), flopped down and went to sleep like she owned the place.

Whisper did quite well too, though he had some diarrhea the first few days. If I recall correctly, his first stop was the litterbox, and then on to meeting his new friends.

Molly, having come straight from outside, is going to be a bit more timid, but it's so dear!

Did I mention that last night I was sitting in the car while DH took the dog out, and she caught sight of him and headed along after them down the sidewalk, right before I caught her? It was *precious*!
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Sounds like she's adapting very well. That's what my Elsa did - just flopped down in the middle of the kitchen floor.
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She is! Molly came out to eat not that long ago and didn't shy away from me or DH at *all*. She had an accident on the floor, but we expected that and I just cleaned it up right away -- no smell, no going over the same spot again, hopefully. She also is rubbing against furniture with her tail all the way up in the air!
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