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Veeshan Granded

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I am proud to announce that I have Granded my first cat...

GP Cedarwood KV Veeshan of Fyrcharmr

She Granded in the first ring of the first day by taking 2nd Best All Breed Premier. That was the first time she got an All Breed win. There were 4 Somali Premiers there and she took Best of Breed in the first 2 rings. She was transfered to Grand and shown as a Grand the next day. Here are the wins

As a Premier the first day

2 Best of Breeds
Best Shorthair Premier
2nd Best All Breed Premier
10th Best Shorthair in Premiership

As a Grand the second day

2 more Best of Breeds
6th Best Shorthair in Premiership
8th Best All Breed in Premiership
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Congratulations to you and Veeshan
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Congrats to you and lovely Vee See all that hard work paid off didn't it

Hopefully I'll be announcing Charlie's grand (at least in ACFA) end of the year. CFA will take longer as we are only going to the January CFA show and its a high count. Cross your fingers for him - he's only got 25 points so far, so a ways to go in CFA

Out of curiousity - who granded her?
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Bob Bryan Granded her.
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Oh my goodness, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

What wonderful results for you! Keep going!
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Congrats to you and your lovely Veeshan!
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Congratulations to you and Veeshan
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That is fantastic! You must be over the moon!
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Congrats to Veeshan!!!

We all knew you could do it, sometimes, you just have to wait for the right show!
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Oh! I just now saw this somehow! Congratulations to Veeshan!
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