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personal mouse pads?

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A long time ago I got a mouse pad with my cats pictures on it. Well needless to say, it is WELL worn and needs to be updated since I now have five cats instead of four. I can't remember where I got it from since I believe (if I put it on there correctly) that was back in 2002.

Does anyone know where I can get a new mouse pad with my kitties pictures on it? I'd love to have one but can't seem to find anything anywhere.
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Have you tried Wal-Mart?
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have you googled 'custom mouse pad'? there are a lot of sites that can do any photo you want onto a mouse pad
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Anymore you can get them done at just about anyplace that does photo printing. I know a local photography shop does some really cool stuff with photos - like laser etchings and stuff like that.
post #5 of 12, and have options where you can order a mousepad with a custom photo on it. Sounds like a cute idea
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I found this deal in another forum it is super cheap only 2.99 with free shipping!
Used code MSPD88 at checkout
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Cafe Press does those too, and just about everything else... cups, totes, Tshirts, buttons...
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I think does that too.
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Oh, I'd love something like that! I must go have a look around.
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Thank you for all the responses!

I've looked at some of the places you all have mentioned, the problem is, they only do one picture not multiple ones on one pad.

I know somewhere out there there is someone who does it, I just for the life of me can't remember who...
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why not make all if the photos you want on there into one file. use something irfanview to do it. is a free program. I use it to resize my photos. or you can send me the photos and I can do it for you.
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I like the Microthin "picture frame" mouse pads because they have a good mousing surface and you can replace the photo. But you can only use small-ish 4" x 6" photos in them. They sell them at Office Depot.
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