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UH OH Bloody poop

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Allright, I finally get Xander all healthy and happy, now his formerly tough and healthy brother Bo, has had an incidence of diarhea with a trail of blood in it. He has never had the runs before, or blood in any poop. He is is little more restful than normal, but that can happen on any given day due to the weather or a long night running around. He's still eating and playing and wanting to be in the way, but I really don't know what could have caused this incident. Speak of the devil, he just appeared at the door. Maybe he may have just eaten a carpet fiber from his clomber or a little fizz from the floor. Who knows, what can cause this reaction in a 4 month old cat? We have the house cat proofed as much as possible, what have we done wrong? -Jess
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Xanderdoo I'm gonna bump this post to the top of the thread!

Someone who is experienced will be very happy to answer your question!
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It could be a few things, but I would talk to the vet and see if you can bring a sample in. There's a few parasites that can cause blood and runny stool. Also, you want to make sure and stop the runny stool asap. They can get dehydrated fairly quick.
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I've been a coal miner all day in that litter box and BoBo never pooped again! He's been eating, playing, attacking, etc. It just doesn't add up. I'm hoping he simply passed a foreign object. We shall see what the morning brings.
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How is he?????????????
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Has his diet changed? That can also be the cause of it.
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Much to my surprise, my little shmubbah-lubbah had a completely normal poop this morning! At least I think it was his. He disappeared during breakfast and Xander never did so I'm assuming it was him. He was very active this morning and doing to his usual hungry, feisty, wild self. I'm wondering if he simply ate something funky. We did give them a can of Alpo sliced chicken in gravy, but he has had Friskies Chicken with gravy many, many times. They looked, smelled, and seemed the same. Nothing else new. He never leaves the house, so how could he pick up a cold or an illness? I've always wondered this. Thanks for asking, let's hope this crisis has been averted! -Jess
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By the by, is that cat actually smiling two replies above?!?!
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You know, there are SOOOOO many things that can cause runny stool in kitty's. I ALWAYS send in a fecal just incase. It can range from a parasite to stress, diet, small obstruction, to irritable bowel syndrome. If it's short lived, then there's not too much worry. If it continues, or it's black, I would get into a vet.
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One question, which can help determine what type of problem it might be, is if the blood is a darker shade or a lighter shade. Do you remember? If this continues and you can't bring a stool into the vet (for whatever reason.) This will be something the vet will be sure to ask.
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Due to the graphic nature of this reply, viewer discretion is advised...
There was a semi-solid clump of regular poop, then a little red plug of red blood (definately not black or brown) then a small pool of mustardy colored diarrhea. Almost looked like something in the plug was scraping the side of his intestinal wall, irritating everything behind it. So far last night and this morning, I discovered one normal poop this morning, one normal one lastnight with little pooplings mixed in and another normal one lastnight. So, it may be Xander doing the normals and Bo doing the semi-normal. But bottom line, no more blood anywhere and no more diarrhea that I could find. Both are eating fine and drinking and playing. It seems to have been temporary. I also spoke to the SPCA woman from whom he was adopted, she said basically the same you all have said.
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