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My other cat

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ok my bf's cat is apparntly coming out of her shell more and she is scratching horrible. Ive had alot of cats in my life but never scratch this much. She does it to everything us, the bag of litter for our hamsters, papaertowels, her scartching toy, towels, everything. Ive tried the tricks i tried with my other cats such as if its for the paper towel roll i lightly tap them on the head with it and with my other cats they figured if they scracthed at that objected they would get tapped and they stopped but his cat wont. Any other ideas?
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This won't help teach her where to scratch but I would get these to get rid of any potential future damage:

Soft Paws
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If Harry is scratching the furniture I clap my hands very loudly so he stops then I bring him over to his scratching post to show him where to scratch. I'm not sure if you've tried loud noises as a way of stopping negative behaviour but it works for him.
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I might try the loud noise thing. His cat is the one we have to dicipline the most. When we feed the cats his has to be locked in the bedroom till my cat is finished eating cause his cat wont let mine eat. Lol his cat is horrible but i guess it doesnt help that where she came from the guy we got his cat from fed them a little dry food water and milk.
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