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Sorry for the squeamish subject matter but....

If I have a male and a female cat, raised from kittens from the same litter - both desexed - will they, [how can I put it?] engage in the physical act of procreation on my living room floor?

I hope this isn't too much of a newbie question

If they are desexed, do they lose all desire to 'do it', or do they still do it but with no resulting pregnancy?

Thanks for your answer, you may have saved me an embarrassing moment when the reverend is round for supper!
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The only times I've personally heard of neutered pets doing it is with male dogs that were neutered late. Even then, both times it was when they were living with a female that went into heat and started asking for it..

As long as they are neutered before they are sexually mature, they shouldn't ever have the desire to.
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My two are neutered; he was neutered late; and they've never done anything sexual.

The male really has to respond to a female in heat. If she doesn't go into heat, he doesn't want to mate.
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Some cats will work themselves into the position with another cat. Often it is just showing dominance to the other cat, and sometimes it is *interest*.

I had a dog expert explain it to me this way once. If you were a human and were speutered, would you lose your desire?
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Agreed with the last post. Neutered male cats are known to mount. Twinkie does it from time to time with Rocket. I don't really know what he's getting out of it.

Disagreed with the last post. Castration is the act of removing the testicles. Testosterone comes from the testicles. As far as I know, that removes desire. At least it does in humans.....that's why harem attendants (eunachs) were castrated, wasn't it? I'm just asking, because I wasn't there.

Oh, well, .500 is a pretty good average in baseball.
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They probably will lose interest if neutered young. However they use the same positions for "dominance" display, so you still could see that. Its not sex at that point - its letting the other one know who is boss cat
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If you were a human and were speutered, would you lose your desire?
Actually yes. That is why they do not remove the organs when a human has such a surgery done to prevent pregnancies. They only cut the tubes to the reproductive organs so that sperm or eggs do not make it out. The organs are still there providing hormones and causing the desire for sex. Humans who have to have the organs removed often take hormone replacement therapy to keep their sex drive and maintain the same emotions they had before surgery. If they didn't they would not be able to get aroused for sex and would undergo changes in the emotions they feel.

With animals we remove the organs and with it nearly all the hormones produced so most should have no desire for sex. Since very small amounts of hormones can be produced elsewhere in the body sometimes males of any animal species that have mated before will remember and react to a female in heat but without a female in heat nothing should happen. Unless the neuter went wrong (part of a testicle left behind) most who haven't mated don't even react to a female in heat beyond being interested in the smell and maybe following her around. Any mounting between neutered animals is probably dominance behavior without truly mating.
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