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Skittish kitty!!

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Back in February/March of this year, we rescued a kitten that was about 5 weeks old from the freeway. He was starving, VERY skinny, he had been shaved (with clippers) from his neck all the way down his back, and down to his tail. His whiskers had been cut off, and he had cuts all over him. Someone had done this baby WRONG.
Since i'm a vet assistant and know how to acclimate cats and kittens, we broguht him in. After a few days of gradual contact with our other 7 cats, it was as if he has always been here. He cuddles, cleans them, plays and chases them, etc.

Now he's filled out very nicely, he got all of his shots, he's healthy, his fur has grown back, and his whiskers have grown too, but not quite grown in yet.
When we brought him home, he was VERY skittish towards everything and everyone. He's been with us for almost a year a year now, and is just now getting to the point where he'll come into our bedroom. And he only does once he's POSITIVE my fiancee is gone.

He loves me, and purrs at me, sleeps with me, etc...but he' still a bit wary of me, he still know i'm "momma" and he doesn't see me as a threat.
My fiancee on the other hand, when he even hears his voice, he takes of and hides. He has clawed a huge hole in the side of our couch (boy was I pissed) and now he hides and sleeps in there day and night and only comes out when he's sure my fiancee is gone. When he's in the same room, he won't take his eyes off of him, and either hides behind me, or tries to bury himself under whatever he can. It really irritates me fiancee, so much to the point where he doesn't like him anymore and wants to get rid of him because "he won't have a cat that doesn't like him".

Now, why is he like this to everyone and everything? Even me, he's still skittish with, but he's learning to be so sweet to me, and you can FORGET about trying to get him to go out of the house...or even near the door for that matter.

Any input?
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Your boyfriend should understand that what happened to the cat before you got him (how horrible!) was as likely done by a boy/man as anything (not the kind of thing girls do very often), so he's traumatized to begin with - it doesn't just go away because he's now better. And a lot of male cats are 'afraid' of male humans anyway, whether it's because he sees him as competition for you, or the guy wears clomping big heavy boots, or no reason that makes sense to us, but it's the way it is (and female cats will sometimes not interact with female people very well). One way to break the ice (though your boyfriend may have to work at it considering your cat won't even show himself) is for him to feed the cat, not necessarily every meal or anything, but as often as possible, so the cat sees him as a caregiver, and not just either the enemy or competition. But also ask your BF ... what is he losing that he had before getting the cat - nothing except a little food and litter every day, but is that a reason not to keep him (after you rescued him so terrifically)? Maybe get another (female) kitten that will interact with your BF, and maybe help to get your cat out from inside the couch!
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