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Sassy update (sad news)

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First, I apologize that it's been a while since I've been on the boards. I started a new job that is taking up much of my time and you'll find out where the rest of my time has been spent in the second part.

Second, we've been doing our best to find treatments for Sassy's very aggressive CRF. Monday of last week she had an ultrasound that would be compared to the first that was done in August. August was when she initially got sick and we found out about her kidney disorder.

Wednesday the vet called to give us the news that there wasn't much more to do for Sassy but keep her comfortable and doing Sub Qs until she tells us it's time to go. We're really sad that we're going to lose our little girl but we're going to love her until we can't physically love her anymore. She will always be with us. Thankfully, they do say we have about a year but it's still so hard to hear when your baby is only two and a half.

Right now, she's acting normal and her creatin is in the 4's and been stable for a month at that level. Unfortunately, her kidneys keep creating stones, even though we've changed her diet.

Our game plan is just a lot of love and attention.
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Oh I'm sorry. I know what it is like. I lost a little female to polycystic kidney disease when she was only about 3.5 years old. Just enjoy the time you have. And you're right. She'll tell you when it's time. God bless you.
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Sounds like the right game plan. I'm sorry to hear this news, though. It's never easy, but seems so unfair with a relative youngster. But you never know -- she may fool everyone and have longer. She'll let you know when it's time.
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awwwww my heart to you, give her tons and tons of
it's all you can do.
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I'm sorry you got such bad news, but she's still got time here to be loved.
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