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Silly Shadow

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Hey everyone. i just wanted to tell everyone something kind of comical and funny. Shadow is my adult female cat and David is my almost 7months old kitten. Shadow is being silly If David walks up to shadow and tries to play with her or chases her she will hiss at him and/or swat him. But when I cook David likes to try to jump on the counter by the sink sometimes. He once jumped up on the stove when I had chicken in the oven and sometimes he gets to the point where I have to put him in my roomies room to keep him from getting underfoot. Whever I do this shadow will sit by the door and whenever I walk past her she will give me a dirty look. she will continue to look at the closed door and at me as if to say get my brother out of that room!! When I finally let him out. she does a kitty cat smile and walks offAnyone else had this experience?? Its pretty funny if ya ask me. lolDonna
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Cats do funny things that is why I love them so much
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She can't be top cat if she's the only cat, you know
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