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Cat Game

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I found this and it is kinda of a fun game. The object is to box the cat in and not let it get off the screen. enjoy
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I've only tried about 3 times and I can already tell I don't have the patience
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Man I almost trapped that darn cat twice! This is hard
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I can't do it !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Finally I got it!!!!!
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grats. it took me like 10-20 tries till I finally got it. then I can win like ever other time
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Now, I can't win every time.....maybe every 3 tries....that game just makes me angry! I had to shut it off because I kept trying to figure out the secret of that dang game!
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after about 8 tries i trapped him, now 3 out of every 4 i cant trap ..

here is another fun longer and harder time wasting game.
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I got it about the 6th time and boxed him in about 3 times
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I trapped him several times, and just when I think I can predict how he's going to move, it turns out I can't. I think I'm just trapping him by luck half of the time.
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I can't do it!!!
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It took a couple of times... Tough but fun - thanks for the link
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Woot, I got it on the second try!
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Very difficult!.....but sooo cool!..
thank you for share!
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All I can say is.... AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
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It took me about 20 tries, but I finally got it. I don't think I got any better at it...I think it just felt sorry for me.
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Yeah, I suck at it.
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Very hard! Took me like 20 times to do it and then I gave up!
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WHITEY! Stand still!!!!
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That's a great game!!! Very good to keep one's brain lively - and I love the cute cat as well as the pretty green dots! Do you know how I could save it to my harddrive I'm not very computer literate
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Originally Posted by Frisk View Post
Woot, I got it on the second try!
Okay, Frisk - do you give lessons I was only able to trap the kitten once I don't get too frustrated, though - with 11 feral kittens being fostered by me, I'm kinda used to the feeling
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OMG, I hate this game! HOW ANNOYING!
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