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New cat won't pee

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A few days ago I brougt in a stray cat (well, not really a stray. Our downstairs neighbor decided she didn't want her anymore and put her out in the parking lot of our building) Anyhow, I brought her in and our older (14 years old) cat Tonya tore after her immediately. Cutie (the new cat) now stays up on the bed or couch most of the time and won't go down on the floor because of Tonya. The only time she uses her litterbox is if I put her in it and even then it's only a little dribble. Could this be crystals? She doesn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort. She eats a fair amount ( I put her food on the dresser (Tonya can't jump up there) and she eats a fair amount. Any advice?
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First of all, thank you for taking Cutie in and giving her a home. I fail to understand people who just dump pets on the street when the animal is no longer wanted.

Cutie's peeing behavior may be due to stress from the changed environment and meeting Tonya. Is there any way that you can isolate Cutie in her own room for a while with a litter box and her own food so that she can relax a bit and not feel threatened by Tonya? That will also allow you to monitor her litter box behavior to determine how much she is really peeing and if she's willing to do it in the litter box. While she's isolated you can sit with her, talk to her softly and help her adjust to her new home.

When bringing a new cat into the house introductions should be made gradually. Allow the two cats to sniff each other through the door for a few days and then allow short supervised visits. Be sure to spend time with Tonya to reassure her that you still love her and that she has not been replaced by Cutie.

I know some members here have had good luck with the Feliway spray or plug in diffusers. Feliway is supposed to mimic cat pheromones and have a calming effect on cats. It did not work that way for my cats but it may be worth a try.

Now that you have two cats you'll need at least one more litter box. The usual recommendation is one box per cat plus one extra. That may help to remove some of the tension between Cutie and Tonya.

Good luck with your new kitty. I hope everything works out for all of you. Positive thoughts to you.

By the way, I noticed that you are in Nova Scotia. I have a cousin in Sable River.
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A cat who can't pee or is having great trouble peeing should be considered to be having a medical emergency. Death can result from a burst bladder without a relatively short period of time and you shouldn't take the cat's "lack of complaint" as meaning anything. If the cat isn't peeing or is barely peeing there is a big problem and you need to get the cat to a vet immediately.
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